33 Free Temperature Blanket Patterns (+ Alternative Designs)

Temperature blankets are a classic way to track the weather a specific place for a set period of time, for example, you might track the temperature in your town every day for a year.. You choose specific colors for each temperature range and then make a blanket using those colors to represent the temperatures. There are no specific rules about the design. Temperature blankets can be made using any pattern you like! Or if a blanket is too much, you might want to make something like a scarf or wall hanging instead. There free temperature blanket patterns (as well as some for temperature scarves and wall hangings) will get you started on your project.

33 Free Temperature Blanket and More Patterns

Temperature Blanket Information

Start here to learn how to knit or crochet a temperature blanket. Other helpful posts:

Temperature Blanket Patterns and More Projects

Gathered here are 33 free crochet and knit patterns to make temperature blankets or other projects you want to make!

Plain Stitch Pattern Blankets

These blankets have stitch patterns that are more interesting than plain garter stitch or single crochet, but they still let the colors you choose for the temperatures be the star. When you have a lot of different colors like you do with a temperature blanket you often want simpler patterns. More complex stitch patterns like cables or lace will get lost among all the colors.

You may need to modify the patterns some so you do the right number of rows for your time period and your temperature. If you’re just doing the average temperature per day for a year, for example, then you’ll have 365 rows (or 366 rows for a leap year). If you’re doing the high and low for each day for a year, then you’ll have 730 rows (or 732 rows for a leap year).

Unique Patterns for Temperature Blankets

Sometimes you want to be a little more inventive with your temperature blanket pattern. These eight patterns are designed to let you be even more creative when you use them for a temperature blanket! You may need to adjust the number of squares or other motifs to match the time period you’re covering.

  • Crochet Circles Throw Instead of alternating squares with and without circles, make all of the squares with circles. The circle can be the high and the square around it the low for each day, or vice versa.
  • Mitered Knit Blanket Each square can be a day, with the high and low for that day as the alternating colors.
  • Crochet Hexagons Blanket Hexagons can be made with a single temperature for the day.
  • Knit Patchwork Blanket Each square can be a day. Use the highs and lows for the alternating colors section, and the average for the day as the solid section.
  • Autumn Leaves Afghan Each leaf can be a month of the year, and you can choose the color of the leaf by the average temperature (or average high or average low) during that month.
  • Knit Sampler Afghan Each square can be a month, and you can even change which stitch pattern you use to show the weather or your activities for the month.
  • Twelve Star Throw Each star can be a month of the year, and the alternating colors on it can be the average high and the average low for that month.
  • Spring Quilt Knit Blanket Each hexagon can be a day.

Non-Blanket Patterns

A blanket might be bigger than you want to make, but you still want to follow the idea of a temperature blanket. These scarves and wall hangings are other options you can use!

For the scarves, you can do do the same thing as the more simple blankets: each row can be a temperature and you do as many rows as you need.

Adjust these home decor patterns for a unique take on the classic temperature pattern.

  • Knit Chain Garland Make a longer garland with one link per temperature — one for the daily high and one for the daily low, or a single one for the average — or mix it up with each link being one day, changing colors halfway through to represent the high and the low.
  • Pompom Wall Hanging Make a larger wall hanging or represent a shorter period of time. Each pompom can be a day, and you can follow the pattern to mix the colors of the daily high and low in the individual pompom.
  • Round in Circles Crochet Wall Hanging A circle a day is a great way to represent the average temperature each day in a month.
33 Free Temperature Blanket and More Patterns

Get Our Temperature Blanket Tracker!

Make your temperature blanket easier on yourself by grabbing our AMAZING temperature blanket tracker? Just use the button below to get access to the document. Make sure that you download a version to your own computer/Google Docs.

Temperature Blanket Tracking Sheet

Granny squares also make good crochet temperature blankets. So, you might want to check out 49 Free Granny Square Crochet Blanket Patterns.

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