66 Free Knit and Crochet Santa Claus Patterns -Elves, Too!

Prepare for Christmas with these free projects from Yarnspirations featuring Santa Claus and his elves! You can make lots of toys and treats for children this holiday season using these patterns. After all, Santa Claus is the quintessential symbol of Christmas. Anything decorated with his likeness emanates joy, giving, surprise, excitement, and fun. Add in his elves, and you’ve got a party atmosphere! Enjoy over five dozen free knit and crochet Santa Claus patterns (and elves, too, of course) here:

5 image collage of knit and crochet santa claus patterns with "santa and elves - 66 free patterns" text. Baby santa hat and beard, santa costume style Christmas stocking, Santa crochet ornament, Santa cup cozy (like santa costume), red and white strupe baby dungarees with red booties and white pompoms.

Knit and Crochet Santa Claus Patterns for the Home

Make sure that you dress up your home for the season with these knit and crochet Santa Claus patterns. They include Christmas stockings, ornaments, and more. Most of these feature Santa. However, we haven’t forgotten to include his elves.

Knit and Crochet Santa Clause Christmas Stockings Patterns

Santa Claus will be thrilled to see his face when he comes down the chimney! Moreover, you’ll enjoy the daily delight of seeing those Santa stockings hanging up in your home. It really brings the Christmas season to light.

Santa stocking free knitting pattern with text. Knit and crochet santa claus patterns - Marly Bird

Crochet and Knit Santa Ornament Patterns

Add a single Santa ornament to find among the branches, or go wild and make an entire tree of Santa ornaments! Either way, you’ll find that these patterns add delight to the home. Ornaments can also be fun little gifts to give to others. Therefore, you might want to use these knit and crochet Santa Claus patterns to make little gifts.

Jolly Santa Crochet Ornament Free Crochet Pattern - knit and crochet Santa Claus patterns - Marly Bird

Other Knit and Crochet Santa Claus Patterns for Decor

Bring Santa Claus into your decorating with baskets, pillows, bottle toppers, and more with his face and outfit on them. Like with the ornaments, these also make great holiday gifts for others. It’s always wonderful to receive a handmade gift that you can use over and over. A Santa basket or candy jar filled with small items can be a great gift that the recipient can use again the following year.

Santa's Gift Basket Free Crochet Pattern - Santa's belly and arms crocheted into a basket, filled with yarn and gift card box wsith bow. knit and crochet Santa Claus patterns - Marly Bird

As you can see, there are so many different knit and crochet Santa Claus patterns for decorating the home and the items in it. In fact, we’re not done with this category yet! Here are even more:

Santa Toys and Figures

These soft Santas look great grouped on a mantel. Alternatively, let kids play with them! Either way, they’ll bring delight into the home:

Huggable Santa Pillow Free Crochet Pattern - bowling pin style Santa pillow standing with blue gift under right arm, brown paper-wrapped with presents in background.

Santa Patterns To Wear

Santa hats are a classic for a reason! With or without a beard, with adult and infant sizes, there’s a Santa outfit for everyone — even your furry friend! As a result, these are among the most popular knit and crochet Santa Claus patterns.

Knit and Crochet Santa Patterns for Adults and Dogs

Make a hat for everyone in your house, then wear them for a picture! Don’t forget the family’s furry friends; we’ve included a Santa doggie hat pattern here as well!

Santa's Aprons Free Crochet Pattern - red with white stripe down center front, black crocheted belt with yellow buckle.

Santa Patterns for Babies and Children

Little ones are adorable in these Santa suits and hats! The bearded hats always look super cute on kids. Plus, they delight so much in wearing them! However, we’ve also included slippers, sweaters, and more to keep kids of all ages dressed up this holiday season.

Baby Santa Hat with Beard Free Crochet Pattern - baby lying on grey crochet blanket, touchikng white beard on its face.

Free Elf Patterns

These elvish projects are perfect for Santa’s helpers to wear or decorate with! Elves are the magic glue that brings Christmas together. Santa wouldn’t be the same without these helpers in the background. So, let’s celebrate them with patterns ranging from toys and stockings to home cleaning supplies!

Little Holiday Elf Knit Set - Red booties with white pompoms, white romper bottoms with red shoulder straps.

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