83 FREE Pet Patterns to Knit and Crochet

Today is Dress Up Your Pet Day! Celebrate by making one of these coats or costumes for your pet dog. Or if they don’t like to dress up, make an accessory for your pets or an item to put in your home to show your love.

The costumes are designed for dogs, but if you have a large cat who tolerates clothing you may be able to make an outfit for him! And the patterns that are in Other Pet Items are appropriate for all kinds of pets. Fun Fact: Olympian Tom Daley knits for dogs.

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83 Free Pet Patterns to Knit and Crochet

Dog Coats and Sweaters

These knit and crochet sweaters and coats will keep your dog warm and stylish! With knit cables, crocheted granny squares, stripes, Fair Isle, solids, you’re sure to find the pattern that matches your dog’s personality.

Hooded Coats

  1. Hoodie Dog Coat
  2. Knit Hoodie Dog Coat

Fair Isle and Intarsia Sweaters

  1. Family Knit Family Dog Sweater
  2. Fair Isle Knit Dog Coat
  3. Fair Isle Dog Cardigan
  4. Doggie’s Got Heart Knit Sweater

Striped Sweaters

  1. Crochet Dog Coat
  2. Striped Knit Dog Coat
  3. Posh Pooch Crochet Dog Coat
  4. Holiday Dog Sweater
  5. Crochet Dog Sweater
  6. Stylish Knit Dog Sweater
  7. La-Di-Da Dog Sweater
  8. Let’s Go Rib Knit Dog Sweater
  9. Happy Dog Crochet Sweater
Hoodie Dog Coat Free Knitting Pattern

Solid Coats

  1. Knit Dog Coat
  2. Dog Sweater
  3. Crochet Dog Coat
  4. Crochet Dog Coat
  5. Cowl Neck Crochet Dog Coat
  6. Crochet Dog Coat
  7. Crochet Dapper Pup Sweater

Patterned Coats

  1. Cowichan Style Dog Coat
  2. Canine Checks
  3. Textured Crochet Dog Coat
  4. Dog Coat with Cargo Pockets
  5. Dog’s Crochet Granny Square Sweater
  6. Festive Dog Coat
  7. Cozy Pup Dog Crochet Sweater
  8. Paw Print Dog Sweater

Cabled Sweaters

  1. Cables and Hearts Dog Coat
  2. Cabled Dog Sweater
  3. Bones and Biscuits Knit Dog Coat

Dog Costumes

Dress up your pet in a costume for Dress Up Your Pet Day! Or make a costume for family pictures or Halloween fun.

  1. Dog Monster Costume
  2. Skull Motif Dog Coat
  3. Work Sock Dog Coat
  4. Hunter Dog Outfit
  5. Purpleicious Dog Coat
  6. Cheerleader Dog Outfit
  7. Diva Dog Outfit
  8. Devil Dog Outfit
  9. I-Matey Dog Coat
  10. Dog’s Crochet Witch Costume
  11. Knit Hot Diggety Dog Coat
  12. Dog’s Crochet Bumble Bee Costume
  13. Candy Corn Dog Sweater
  14. Blooming Dog Costume
  15. Doggie Deer Snood
  16. Doggie Shrug
  17. Santa Doggie Hat
I-matey Dog Coat Free Knitting Pattern

Leash Covers and Decorative Collars

Leash covers made in yarn that reflects light are the perfect choice for nighttime walks, while decorative collars and scarves are a picture purr-fect addition for pets who don’t want a full outfit.

  1. Flashy Dog Leash and Bandana
  2. Flashy Dog Sweater and Leash
  3. Dog Leash and Collar
  4. Reflective Dog Leash Cover
  5. Holiday Cat Collar
  6. Stylish Pet Scarf
  7. Peppermint Crochet Pet Neckerchief
  8. Holiday Stripes Dog Scarf

Pet Beds and Blankets

Your pet will be cozy as can be with comfortable beds and blankets designed just for them. Plus, making it yourself means you can easily match it to your home decor!

Pet Beds

  1. Cat Nap Nest
  2. Crochet Pet Bed
  3. Kitten Ears Crochet Pet Bed
  4. Crochet Burger Pet Bed
  5. Crochet Pet Bed
  6. Easy Knit Pet Bed
  7. Easy Crochet Pet Bed
  8. Crochet Kitty Couch
  9. Knit Pet Bed
  10. Crochet Pet Bed
  11. Crochet Pet Nest
  12. Crochet Pocket Pet Bed
  13. Crochet Pet Bed with Half Wall

Pet Blankets

  1. A Dog’s Home Throw
  2. Comfort Your Kitty Throw
  3. Crochet Snuggle Pet Blanket
  4. Crochet Paw Blanket
  5. Cozy Cables Knit Blanket
  6. Paw Print Blanket
Crochet Kitty Couch Free Crochet Pattern

Other Pet Items

Whether your pet needs a toy, a stocking, or a basket for accessories, you’ll find the pattern here!

  1. Dog Treat Jar Topper
  2. Dog Paws Christmas Stocking
  3. Cat Paws Christmas Stocking
  4. Puffy and Stuffy Cat Toys
  5. Puppy Toy Basket
  6. Kitty Toy Basket

Patterns for People

Show your love for your pets by wearing and using these handy patterns for household items!

  1. Walking the Dog for Dolls
  2. Kittens and Puppies for Sale Pillows
  3. Puppy Mug Hug
  4. Knit Dog Dishcloth
  5. Crochet Pot Pals
  6. Puppy Scrubby
  7. Sweet Kitty Face Scrubby
  8. Cat in the Bag Crochet Tote
83 Free Pet Patterns to Knit and Crochet

Other pet-related patterns and video tutorials

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