63 Free Patterns: Neutral with a Pop of Color

This round-up is unique: it’s all patterns that are mostly neutral (white, black, gray, brown) with a bright pop of color added to them! With home decor, hats, scarves, and even sweaters for all ages in this collection of patterns from Yarnspirations, you’ll find a project you’ll want to make.

63 Free Patterns: Neutral with a Pop of Color


A neutral background with added bright colors is a classic design for blankets! With almost a dozen designs, you can knit or crochet them in numerous designs.

  1. Pop-a-Minute Crochet Blanket
  2. Pop a Minute Crochet Baby Blanket
  3. Circles Afghan
  4. Corner Dip Striped Crochet Afghan
  5. Knit Patchwork Baby Quilt
  6. Pin Point Crochet Blanket
  7. Knit Patchwork Blanket
  8. Crochet Colorful Half Stripe Baby Blanket
  9. Illusion Infusion Crochet Blanket
  10. Zig Zag Dip Knit Blanket
  11. Chevron Knit Blanket
Colorful Half-Stripe Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


Add a bit of color along one edge, or just decorate the bottom of these scarves and cowls.

  1. Stepping Diamonds Crochet Scarf
  2. Bobble Pop Crochet Cowl
  3. Hot Point Scarf
  4. Reversible Color Pop Scarf
  5. Mountain Peaks Scarf
  6. Bright Stripes Cowl
  7. Medley Merino Chic Scarf
  8. Color Dip Scarf
Hot Point Scarf Free Knitting Pattern


The neutral color will tie in with the rest of your decor, while the bright accents ensure interest.

  1. Pompom Edged Pillow
  2. Crazy Corners Knit Pillow
  3. Mighty Mitered Knit Pillow
  4. Copenhagen Pillow
  5. Striped Pillow Duo
  6. Bold Angles Crochet Pillow
Striped Pillow Duo Free Crochet Pattern


Hats are a popular type of this design. Pompoms are an easy way to add a pop of color, or you can make the ribbing different from the main body. Or use one of the other versions shown here!

  1. Pop of Neon Hat
  2. Stripes on the Side Hat
  3. Super Slouchy Chic Hat
  4. Hats a Glow
  5. Dipped Top Crochet Hat
  6. Little Miss Pompom Hat
  7. Big Stitch Baby Hat
  8. Blue Fir Hat
  9. Ripple Hat
  10. Take a Shine Beanie
  11. Cable Hat
  12. Newborn Cozy Cap
  13. Winter Weekend Hat
  14. Winter Weather Set
  15. Garter Stitch Pompom Hat
  16. Love to Knit Fair Isle Hat
  17. Zig Zag Hat
  18. Checkered Hat
  19. Crochet Colorblock Hat
  20. Polka Dotty Crochet Hat
  21. Tri-Toned Hat
  22. Smarty Pants Hat
Stripes on the Side Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Baskets and Scrubbies

Keep your house organized and your dishes clean with these projects.

  1. Color Pop Crochet Baskets
  2. Crochet Handy Basket
  3. Dip Edge Crochet Basket
  4. Mosaic Knit Table Runner
  5. Dippity Doo Dah Knit Dishcloth
Color Pop Crochet Basket Free Crochet Pattern


Each of these sweaters has a different method of using a bright color! Experiment to find your favorite.

  1. Knit Chevron Trim Cardigan
  2. Color Dipped Top
  3. Dip Down Crochet Pullover
  4. Knit Chevron Trim Pullover
  5. Knit Fair Isle Yoke Sweater
  6. Top Down Super Stripes Sweater
  7. School Days Raglan Pullover
  8. Pretty Bow Tie Baby Cardigan
  9. Cute and Classic Baby Cardigan
  10. Baby Bear Hoodie
Knit Chevron Trim Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern

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