Free Pattern Crochet Spike Stitch Coffee Cozy

This free pattern crochet Spike Stitch Coffee Cozy is a great quick project for any crocheter! Using less than 100 yds of yarn in any color used in the project this project is not only quick but cheap to make! And it’s a quick gift for a teacher, doctor, boss, in-law, or bunko groupie 🙂

There is even a YouTube video taught by Marly with a few tips an tricks to help you master the Spike Stitch!

The name of the pattern is Spike Stitch because that is the basis of the popsicle spike stitch that is used in the pattern. By changing up the number of spikes used and where they are located in the row you get a super sexy single crochet stitch that is a version of the original Spike Stitch but different 😉

When I told my husband the name of this pattern he asked me, “Does that mean the hot chocolate or coffee in the cup is spiked?” I thought that was FUNNY! So, now you have a perfect gift don’t you? Spiked Stitch Coffee Cozy Pattern Free at MarlyBird.com

  • A simple mug
  • A Spiked Stitch Coffee Cozy to go around the mug
  • A bag of your favorite coffee
  • A bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream

I think that is the perfect gift for anybody in your life (except maybe your pastor 🙂

Gentle reminder that it is illegal to photocopy or copy and paste the instructions  and distribute to the public. You certainly can copy for your own use and I encourage you do so!

It has just come to my attention that many people are unaware that free patterns still have copyrights and it is not legal to distribute. I ask that if you like the pattern and want to tell your friends that you share the link to the pattern (found here: https://marlybird.com/free-pattern-crochet-spike-stitch-coffee-cozy ). By doing so you are allowing me to make a little money via advertising which in turn makes it possible for me to keep designing fun and free patterns.

Thanks so much!

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Spike Stitch Coffee Cozy Free Pattern @ MarlyBird.com

Spike Stitch Coffee Cozy

Pattern Details


Approx: 11″ long x 3 1/2″ tall


14 sts = 4″ in single crochet


Red Heart, “With Love” (100% acrylic,  370 yds/198g), any four colors.  This yarn is a little larger than worsted weight.


I/9 (5.5 mm) (Marly uses Addi Crochet Hooks)


  • Removable Stitch Markers
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Decorative Button
  • Sewing Thread and Needle

Stitches Used (and YouTube Video links to help you learn)

Pattern Stitch

Popsicle Spike Stitch (flat): need to chain a multiple of 6 stitches +4 (+1 for the turning chain)

Row 1 (foundation row): With the first color, Single crochet (sc) into 2nd chain from hook and in each chain to the end, change color to next color in sequence on last stitch of row, turn.

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in first sc, and in each sc to the end, turn.

Row 3: Ch 1, sc in first sc, and in each sc to the end, changing color to next color in sequence on the last stitch of row, turn.

Row 4 (create popsicle spike): Ch 1, sc in first stitch, * spike stitch [see stitches used] over the next 2 stitches, sc in next 4 sts; rep from * to last 3 sts, spike stitch into the next 2 stitches, sc, turn.

Row 5: Ch 1, sc in first sc, and in each sc to the end, changing color to next color in sequence on the last stitch of row, turn.

Row 6 and 7: Repeat rows 2 and 3.

Row 8: Ch 1, * sc in next 4 sc, spike stitch over next 2 sc; rep from * to last 4 sts, sc in last 4 sc, turn.

Row 9: Ch 1, sc in each sc to end, changing color to next color in sequence in last stitch of row, turn.

Row 10-13: Repeat rows 6-9.

Repeat rows 2 – 13  for FULL Popsicle Stitch pattern stitch.




Ch 35

Follow the Spike Stitch pattern stitch changing colors as follows to match the sample. Note that you can use as many colors as you wish:

Row 1: Main Spike Color

Rows 2 & 3: Background Color #1

Rows 4 & 5: Main Spike Color

Rows 6 & 7: Background Color #2

Rows 8 & 9: Main Spike Color

Rows 10 & 11: Background Color #1

Rows 12 & 13: Main Spike Color

Finish off the work.

TIP: Take the time to weave in the tails at this point of the project.


Rnd 1: With border color, join with a slip stitch at the corner (you could join with a standing single crochet), ch 1, 2 sc in the same corner stitch, then sc into each row around the cozy placing 2 stitches at each corner, join with a slip stitch to the first sc. DO NOT TURN.

Rnd 2: Work a crab stitch [see stitches used] around the entire cozy pausing at the mid-way point on one of the short sides to create the loop for the button closure. When you get to the point that you want the loop simply chain a multiple of stitches that will allow the loop to be larger enough to go around the button but not so large that it will not hold the cozy to the cup. To finish the loop work a sc into the same stitch that you began the chain stitch, then carry on around the cozy finishing with a slip stitch into the first crab stitch. Finish off.

TIP: Make your cozy different and add more than one button, simply add more loops where you want buttons on the opposite side and there you go!

That’s it! Super easy isn’t it? If you find that you need to adjust the length of your cozy you can do that by changing the number of chains to start. You know that you need a multiple of 6 + 4 stitches and 1 more for the turning chain. You can change this pattern to fit just about any mug you have.

So, now you have a cozy for your mug…how about a coaster? The pattern for the FREE Coffee Coaster to coordinate with the cozy will be available soon.

Written pattern copyright Marly Bird Designs, a division of Yarnsports LLC (c) 2014.
Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, but please do link to this page to share this pattern with others.
If you wish to make items for sale from this pattern that is permitted.

Spike Stitch Coffee Cozy Free Pattern from MarlyBird.com Free Pattern from marlybird.comFree Pattern from MarlyBird.com

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  1. Sarah says:

    I was thinking it you wanted to give a gift bag to your pastor, you could simply change out the liquor for coffee creamer. Bailey’s has a good Irish Cream creamer.

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