44 Free Ocean Animal Projects to Crochet and Knit

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, water covers 71% of Earth, and the oceans have about 96.5% of the water. They have tons of diversity of plants and animals, and are vital for keeping our plant healthy. Celebrate the oceans with these fun ocean animal projects!

With plenty of stuffed toys for all categories, there are also blankets, baskets, scrubbies, and a few other projects as well!

44 Free Ocean Animal Projects to Crochet and Knit


Fish are the classic ocean creature! Make toy fish and fish-shaped items like scrubbies.

Tropical Fish Dishcloth Free Crochet Pattern


Starfish are another common ocean animal. Even if you can’t see them along the beach, you can see them in your home!

Crochet Starfish Pillow Free Crochet Pattern


Tentacles make these clever eight-legged animals look different from most others!

Preemie Crochet Octopus Free Crochet Pattern

Shells and Shelled Animals

If you don’t have access to shells by the beach, you can make your own!

Spiral Shell Free Crochet Pattern

Non-Fish Animals and Sea Monsters

There are many more animals in the sea! Whales, sea turtles, narwhals, and even a sea monster await you in this collection.

Crochet Nar-Wall Hanging Free Crochet Pattern

Animals That Live Near the Ocean

These animals don’t live in the ocean, but they live next to it and fish from the ocean.

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