Free Knit Chemo Cap Pattern for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Therefore, it is the perfect time to make a knit chemo cap. This free knit chemo cap pattern is crafted in a beautiful pink hue to highlight the cause. It’s a good choice whether you want to whip one up quickly for yourself to raise awareness or you want to make a whole batch of them to donate to hospitals or cancer charities.

What is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

As the name suggests, this month raises awareness about breast cancer. Many of us know someone who affected by this disease. If you haven’t, though, then you might not realize how prevalent it is.

Here are some key breast cancer awareness facts:

  • Over one quarter of a million women in the United States receive a breast cancer diagnosis each year.
  • Every year more than 40,000 American women die of breast cancer.
  • Although breast cancer primarily affects women over age 50, younger women can also get the disease.
  • In fact, men can sometimes get breast cancer as well.

If any of those facts surprised you, then you can see why raising awareness is so important.

It’s especially important to raise awareness about breast cancer in 2020 due to the complications of COVID-19. People with breast cancer may be at particular risk for COVID-19. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has delayed some breast cancer treatments. In particular, chemo has become increasingly important as a treatment option when other treatments, such as surgeries, face delays.

What is a Knit Chemo Cap?

A knit chemo cap is a functional gift of love that shows support and care for someone undergoing cancer treatment. When going through chemotherapy, people lose their hair. Their heads can blister, feeling painfully sore. The lack of hair can make them more prone to feeling cold. Plus, they may feel self-conscious about their baldness. Chemo caps help with all of those things.

A knit chemo cap is made with soft yarn that will soothe the sensitive skin rather than irritate it. People craft the hats with love, intention, and care. Some people recite prayers or mantras while knitting chemo caps; similar to a prayer shawl, this infuses the item with compassion and well wishes. When the recipient receives and wears the knit chemo cap, they feel this care. Knowing that the crafter, and a whole community of other people, is behind the creation, they may also feel courage as they battle breast cancer.

Raising Awareness With a Pink Knit Hat

Pink is the color for breast cancer. Throughout the month of October, you’ll see people wearing pink ribbon pins and pink clothing to raise awareness. Of course, you can also wear these throughout the year, to let people know about the important issue of breast cancer at any time. A pink knit chemo cap like this one is a great way to do that.

You might choose to use this pattern to make:

  • A single knit chemo cap to wear yourself; anytime someone comments on it, that’s a great excuse to share some information for breast cancer awareness
  • Full set of knit chemo caps to wear as a group – one for every person in your family or in your book club; the more people wearing them, the more likely strangers will ask questions and then you can raise awareness
  • Caps to donate to people going through cancer treatment; while anyone can wear the pink knit chemo cap, people undergoing chemotherapy are the primary intended recipients. Donate to your local cancer center, hospital, or charity. You can donate one or many. You may include a note of strength and courage with your donation.

Charities for donation include Knots of Love and Halos of Hope.

About This Pink Knit Chemo Cap

Like many of you, breast cancer impacted my life. My friend Nicole McMaster died at a young age from breast cancer complications. I have created this pink knit chemo cap in her honor.

Nicole absolutely loved knit cable stitches. Therefore, I’ve chosen to highlight those as the centerpiece of this free knit chemo cap pattern. The way that the cables intertwine on this hat is a visual metaphor for the way Nicole’s life intertwined with mine and so many others on this earth, touching us deeply in the short time that we had her here.

This is a seamless, bottom-up knit crochet hat pattern worked in the round. The pattern is available in three sizes.

Pink courage chemo cap knit pattern

You can also find the pattern on Ravelry.

Has breast cancer impacted the life of someone you love? Share something about the experience in the comments to honor those affected and raise more awareness.

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