18 Free Knit and Crochet Elephant Patterns

Elephants are one of the most popular wild animals! They’re endangered, of course. You can show your support and celebrate them by making knit and crochet elephant toys, hats and more!

A Little Bit About Elephants

Before we get into the cute knit and crochet elephant patterns that we have for you, let’s talk a little bit about elephants. They are such huge majestic creatures. They carry their babies for almost two years before giving birth to them. Once born, the baby is three feet tall and can weigh as much as 200 pounds. As you probably know, they are the largest animal in the world on land.

Many people think that there are two types of elephants in the world: African and Asian. However, there are actually three types because in Africa there Savanna elephants and Forest elephants. Generally, though, when looking at knit and crochet elephant toys and designs, they’ll either look like an African elephant, an Asian elephant, or some caricature that has features of both. In real life, the two types of African elephants have larger ears and a two-fingered trunk as compared to the smaller-eared Asian elephant which has a one-fingered trunk. It can be fun to try to spot those features on knit and crochet elephant patterns.

Knit and Crochet Elephant Patterns

There are such adorable knit and crochet elephant patterns available. Stuffed animal patterns are particularly popular of course. There are amigurumi toys as well as larger stuffed animals. These are obviously great gifts for babies and young children. Anyone who likes elephants might enjoy one, though, if only to display on a desk or mantle. Other elephant crochet and knit patterns include blankets, pillows, hats, scrubbies, and even a pullover. So, you can celebrate this amazing creature while making a variety of different things. Check out the free patterns below:

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