Free Ice Cream Patterns to Crochet

We’re all screaming for ice cream! Whether it’s a toy or play with or a hat to wear, ice cream is a year-round favorite. Crochet these free patterns to show your love of ice cream. Customize them by choosing different colors of yarn for the ice cream part to represent your favorite flavors!

Chocolate Pie & Ice Cream Free Crochet Pattern

Soft crocheted food is perfect for any age! Soft-serve ice cream in a cone is a classic dessert, and you can pair it with a classic chocolate pie with whipped cream topping.

Chocolate Pie and Ice Cream Free Crochet Pattern

Double Scoop Snuggle Sack

This snuggle sack is the perfect item for kids to lounge in! Use thick Bernat Blanket yarn, and you can adjust the colors of the scoops to match the favorite flavors of the child who will be using it.

Double Scoop Snuggle Sack Free Crochet Pattern

Ice Cream Cone Rattle

A friendly rattle with a face is perfect for baby! When baby is a little older, it makes a great addition to a play kitchen.

Ice Cream Cone Rattle Free Crochet Pattern

Ice Cream Cone Scrubby

Show your love for ice cream as you clean up after a picnic! Made in Scrubby yarn, this cone will make even chores fun.

Ice Cream Cone Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern

Ice Cream Dishcloth

A classic strawberry ice cream cone with a cherry on top looks cute in the kitchen when you’re not using it.

Ice Cream Dishcloth Free Pattern

Crochet Ice Cream Cone Toy

This toy looks like two scoops of ice cream, but at almost 21″ tall, it’s the same size as a toddler! It makes a fun oversized toy for a little one’s playroom.

Crochet Ice Cream Cone Toy Free Crochet Pattern

Ice Cream Swirl Hat

This baby hat will make little ones even more delicious! With a fun variegated yarn over a regular cone-colored brim, it’s a comfortable hat that can be used for photoshoots and everyday.

Ice Cream Swirl Hat Free Pattern

That’s Bananas! Dog Coat

A banana split makes a fun outfit for a dog! With a half banana on either side and three scoops of ice cream in the middle, this costume will make everyone who sees it smile.

That's Bananas! Dog Coat Free Crochet Pattern

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