FREE Holiday Project Planner for Knitters and Crocheters

“Deep breaths. You still have time. Just get organized and you will get it all done.” Those are the thoughts that go through my mind when I realize I have 6 months to finish all of my Christmas projects. I will be real that most of the time they just don’t get finished in time and I have to go out and purchase a gift. With everything else going on I need something to keep me on track if I want to get all of my holiday projects finished. I thought that some of you may feel the same way so my team and I put together a great solution, our Holiday Project Planner for knitters and crocheters.

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Organizing your Holiday Projects:

Photo Tutorial-How to make a pompom package topper

To start off your holiday project making you should sit down and really think about how much time you have to work on these projects. Yes, as of today there are 6 months left until Christmas but that doesn’t mean that you have a full 6 months to work on projects. There might still be vacation on your schedule, or work events, or school events, kids practices, sporting events, concerts, dance recitals, plays the list goes on and on!

The first step to being successful this holiday season is to be realistic with the amount of time that you have to work on projects. Once you know that you can start planning who you will be making gifts for. I suggest that you make your list in order of importance. Again, this helps you stay focused on what needs to get done. If you start your list with the most important people that you HAVE to make a gift for then you know that they will be covered. By starting your list with the smallest items, to get them done and out of the way, you run the risk of those important people not getting their item.

Holiday Project Budget:

Easy Crochet Modern Granny Square Stocking FREE pattern

Picking projects for your loved ones can be a challenge. I always want to make them something special to show how much I love them but I also have to be realistic around the holiday. Considering how much time something will take is high on my consideration list but my budget is also key.

Every year we set a budget that we have for the holiday. When the kids were younger we used to do teacher gifts. That was something that I considered in my budget. If I could gift them $20 a teacher I would think about what I could purchase vs. what I could make or both. By making your budget now you can start to shop the sales at stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby or plan your purchases around free shipping on the Red Heart website.

Calculating Your Time:

Red Heart C2C Snowflake Blanket

Time is limited. You will always find things competing for your time and you will need to make the choice on what is most important. If you know how many weeks that you have until the holiday, or the date that you will give the gift, and how many rows/sections/squares that you have in your project you can figure out how much you need to get done each day/week.

When I am working on a deadline I like to figure out what I need to accomplish each day. I pick a number of rows or sections or squares that need to be done each day in order to get me to a finished project in time. If I find extra time that is great and I can get things done quicker. Try to be realistic with your time. A sweater will likely take about 2 weeks with everything else going on in your life. Some people work faster than others and it good to add a little more time than you think it will take as a buffer.

Using the total amount of time needed and dividing the number of rows/sections/squares into that you will find out what you need to accomplish each day.

Your FREE Holiday Project Planner

This holiday my team and I created this great project planner for you to use to keep you on track. Download the PDF and put the name of the people that you want to make for in the green box. Then work through the lines to come up with your plan of attack for this holiday season. Join me in the Marly’s Minions group to talk about what projects you will be making this year and how the planner is going. Be sure to share this post with your friends so that they can get the free download as well.

FREE Holiday Project Planner for Knitters and Crocheters

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