74 Free Happy at Home Patterns to Crochet and Knit

We’re spending a lot of time indoors at home this winter, so it’s good to make our homes as cozy as possible! Here are 74 free crochet and knit patterns from Yarnspirations of blankets, plant cozies, pillows, and other home goodies to make your living space comfortable. Crochet and knit these patterns for the perfect home decor!

74 FREE Happy at Home Crochet and Knit Patterns


Nothing beats cozy like handmade blankets! Snuggle under one with your family and pets all together, or make enough so everyone has their own.

  1. Tweedle Doo Knit Blanket
  2. Book-Match Bias Knit Blanket
  3. Shore to Shore Knit Blanket
  4. Happy MItered Squares Knit Throw
  5. Happy Holiday Throw
  6. Throw Back Granny Chevron
  7. Dynamic Knit Ombre Throw
  8. Diamond in the Rough Crochet Throw
  9. Circle Takes The Square Crochet Blanket
  10. Crochet Rainbow Stripe Blanket
  11. Circles Afghan
  12. Woven Plaid Crochet Blanket
  13. Happy Face Toddler Blanket
  14. Rainbow Chic Throw
  15. Cuddly Crochet Herringbone Blanket
  16. Color Chip Knit Mitered Blanket
  17. All That Chic Throw
  18. TV Party Knit Blanket
  19. Turning Points Knit Blanket
  20. Blanket Statement
  21. Fading Stripes Knit Baby Blanket
  22. Stack Up Blocks Knit Blanket
  23. Bright and Cuddly Knit Blanket
  24. Cable Ready Blanket


New throw pillows are an instant way to dress up your home! With these 16 pillow patterns here, and dozens more on the Yarnspirations site, you’ll definitely find the perfect one for your purposes.

  1. Garter Stripe Knit Pillow
  2. Sunshine Crochet Pillow
  3. Chevron Pillow Pair
  4. Patched Persuasion Pillows
  5. Splendid Shells Pillow
  6. Color Wheel Pillow
  7. Bobble Go Round Crochet Pillow
  8. In Vivid Color Pillow
  9. Freeform Fringe Crochet Cushion
  10. Full Circle Pillow
  11. Knit Pillow Trio
  12. Modern Knit Pillow
  13. Comfort Cable Pillow
  14. Head in the Clouds Knit Pillow
  15. Tropical Leaf Knit Pillow
  16. Cable Knit Pillow


Organize everything in your home with these customizable baskets. They can be classic, cover them in fringe, or even make one that looks like an elephant!

  1. Bulky Crochet Basket
  2. Crochet Elephant Basket
  3. Fringed Knit Basket
  4. Garter Stitch Knit Baskets
  5. Fanciful Flamingo Basket
  6. Ombre Knit Baskets

Hanging Art

A little tired of your art? Make your own with these wall hangings, banners, and mobile to hang up in your home.

  1. Crochet Happy Pompom Banner
  2. Flying Hearts Mobile
  3. You Got This Motivation Crochet Banner
  4. Leafy Wall Hanging
  5. Joy Banner
  6. Cascading Knit Wall Hanging
  7. Knit Chain Garland
  8. Pompom Cupcake Garland

Scrubbies and Dishcloths

Even cleaning up in the kitchen or bath can be brightened when you have fresh dishcloths and scrubbies! There are scrubbies in every type of design available.

  1. Happy Face Scrubby Emoticons
  2. Happy Sun Scrubby
  3. Yummy Happy Face Emoji Applique
  4. Happy Hippo Face Scrubby
  5. Crochet Back Scrubber
  6. Tidy Up Knit Dishcloth and Basket
  7. Knit Back Scrubber
  8. Week of Knit Scrubbies
  9. Coffee Mug Scrubby
  10. School of Fish Scrubbies


House plants are popular, and you can make them look more like your style by adding cozies. Or hang them up in the perfect spot in your house. If you have a black thumb, you can crochet succulents so they’re always in perfect health.

  1. Dip Your Toe Crochet Plant Cozies
  2. Hanging Crochet Planter Pods
  3. Knit Plant Cozies
  4. Macrame Plant Hanger
  5. Crochet Succulents
  6. Ridged Crochet Pot Cozy


These extras add the little extra touch to make your home an extra-special place, with a sleep mask so you can get a good night’s rest, a tea cozy to keep your pot warm, a body pillow to snuggle, or an toilet roll cover for a smile.

  1. Fomo Crochet Sleep Mask
  2. Beehive Tea Cozy
  3. Good Night’s Sleep Body Pillow
  4. Retro Owl Toilet Roll Cover
74 FREE Happy at Home Crochet and Knit Patterns

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