Almost 150 Free Granny Square Project Patterns

Granny squares are a perennial popular project! These three round-ups have almost 150 granny square project patterns combined! Make blankets, sweaters, hats, scarves, slippers, pillows, bags, and more! Mix and match colors between rounds of a square, or keep them monotone for a sleeker look. You can easily take your projects on the go and make squares and then join them later. Explore this fun style!

Almost 150 Free Granny Square Project Patterns

Granny Squares to Wear

You can make granny squares fit into any type of clothing or accessories. The basic granny square is a square, but nowadays, you’ll find all kinds of shapes that fit together to make a fabric. Here you’ll find everything from hats to sweaters and shawls to cardigans. Dig in to find your ideal granny square project patterns.

Granny Square Project Patterns: Granny Blankets

There’s nothing more cozy than a crochet granny square blanket. You’ve seen them folded neatly over couch backs on many TV sitcoms; now it’s time you made your own. Granny square blankets are great for using up scraps, or if you want a more pulled-together look, choose only 2-3 colors.

You can make blankets on the go with smaller squares to join later or work on one big square crochet blanket working from the center out. Stop when you get to the size you want, or you run out of yarn!

Granny Square Blankets | 70 Free Crochet Patterns

Granny Home

Granny Square projects can make a house a home. Choose your colors and settle down to crochet everything from cushion covers to coasters, dishcloths, and more.

24 Free Granny Patterns for the Home

If you love granny squares but want to learn more about crocheting with colors, check out Camp Colorwork!

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