25 Free Fall Knit Blankets Patterns

Fall is almost here! Blankets are the perfect pattern to knit during the fall. After all, it’s not too hot to sit under them as you make them, and when you’ve finished you have a cozy afghan to cuddle under. As the temperatures get colder, you’ll be so glad that you started on these projects early in the season! These 25 free projects from Yarnspirations are some of the best knit fall blankets patterns available.

25 Free Fall Knit Blankets

The Colors of Fall Knit Blankets

What do you love most about autumn? The changing colors of nature are one of the first responses people typically give to that question. If you, too, love the rich mustards, pumpkins, and maroon shades of fall, you’re in luck, because some of these patterns do feature those autumn colors.

However, people also talk a lot about fall sports and going back to school. Therefore, we’ve made sure to throw in some school spirit blanket patterns as well. You can make those in your own school colors. Of course, you can also just choose two colors and make one of those blankets for anyone!

And plenty of people also prefer neutral colors for fall knit blankets. Things are starting to get really busy in life. Soothing, neutral colors can offer a calming balm during that time. So, we’ve included thick and cozy knit fall blankets in cream colors and other neutrals as well.

Autumn Knit Blanket Free Patterns?

Spicy Chevron Blanket Free Knitting Pattern
simple Textured Knit Throw Free Knitting Pattern

Favorite Features of Autumn Knits

As you explore the patterns above, ask yourself what your favorite details are in the ones you like most. Many people really like cozy blankets for autumn, so you might find yourself drawn to soft and chunky yarns. You might like the rich texture of cables on your blankets. Or perhaps you like the designs that have leaves and other hints at nature. Whatever it is that you love, you should be able to find it in these two dozen plus knit blanket patterns. And remember, they’re all free!

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