54 FREE Fall Home Decor Crochet and Knit Patterns

Each week we are pulling together some of our favorite patterns from the Yarnspirations website. Use these patterns to inspire you to try new projects or even some new yarn! This week I have a collection of 54 FREE knit and crochet fall home decor patterns for your home. Browse through them for your next project to put your hooks or needles.

54 FREE Fall Home Decor Crochet and Knit Patterns

Fall Patterns for Your Home

Crochet and knit patterns for fall are the perfect items to make to decorate your home this season. From blankets to stuffed pumpkins to pillows, you’re sure to find fall home decor patterns you love in this collection, whether you love to knit, crochet, or both.

All of these FREE fall home decor patterns are from Yarnspirations. Check out Yarnspirations.com for even more free crochet and knitting patterns!

22 Crochet and Knit Fall Blankets

As we head into color months, blankets are a popular choice for knit and crochet projects. After all, they are cozy to work with while you’re crafting. Plus, they keep you warm all winter long. Draped on couches or stacked on chairs, blankets also make great fall home decor patterns. Here are more than one dozen free fall crochet and knit blanket patterns.

Circular Fall Mandala Throw Free Crochet Pattern

8 Crochet and Knit Fall Garlands and Wreaths

Dress up your home with garlands and wreaths. These fall home decor patterns easily spruce up a home with sentiments of the new season. They’re perfect for autumnal crochet and knitting. Plus, knit and crochet wreaths also make great gifts for others.

Crochet Oak Leaf Garland Free Crochet Pattern

8 Crochet and Knit Fall Pumpkins

Knit and crochet pumpkins are among the most adorable fall home decor patterns. They come in various sizes. You can make them super simple or very details. Craft them in classic orange in a range of fall hues. Like the wreaths, crochet and knit pumpkins also make great gifts.

Spicy Knit Pumpkins Free Knitting Pattern

16 Crochet and Knit Fall Home Decor Items

The items rounded up here showcase a variety of different fall home decor patterns. Many of them are designed for the dinner table, which is perfect for decorating as well as entertaining. You’ll also find knit and crochet dolls, pillows, candle cozies and more.

Autumn Harvest Knit Pillow Free Knitting Pattern

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