26 Free Dinosaur Projects to Crochet and Knit

Dinosaurs are always a popular subject for a fun project! After all, kids of all ages find delight, magic, and awe in dinosaurs. They are such unique creatures that they truly inspire the imagination. Stuffed animals, blankets, hats and more projects are gathered here to make for that special kid in your life. Whether it’s for a themed party, a birthday gift or just for fun, these twenty-six free dinosaur projects are sure to delight the person you give them to. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to make a few little dinosaurs for your own shelves! There’s no shame in that!

26 Free Dinosaur Projects to Crochet and Knit

Stuffed Dinos

These soft crochet and knit dinosaurs are friendly representatives of their species. Any child who loves stuffed animals and also loves dinosaurs will certainly delight in these projects. Kids who are scared of the dark might find that sleeping with a knit or crochet dinosaur helps them feel a little bit more secure. And kids who truly love dinosaurs will be quick to tell you which one is their favorite so be sure to ask before you make the Stegosaurus or the T Rex!

Squish-a-Saurus Crochet Dino Free Crochet Pattern

Home Items

Dinosaurs can be in your bedroom as more than just stuffed animals, too! Keep warm with these free dinosaur projects. The blanket is cozy for all ages but the snuggle sack is extra special. Kids who enjoy costumes and playing dress-up will find that the snuggle sack helps play that role as well.

Crochet Dinosaur Toy Storage Basket Free Crochet Pattern

Free Dinosaur Projects to Wear

Speaking of dressing up and wearing costumes, there are plenty of opportunities for those types of free dinosaur projects as well. Hats, a sweater, and even baby slippers let you show off your love of dinosaurs with practical accessories. Bring a little bit of whimsy into your life and that of the kids you love by making these fun creations.

Crochet Dino Hat and Tail Free Crochet Pattern

More Animal-Related Patterns

Whether or nor your little one loves dinosaurs, they might like other animals and creatures as well. If you’re on the hunt for different knit and crochet animal patterns, then you might enjoy these other posts:

Is there an animal pattern that you are looking for? Let us know!


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