Chic, Simple Beginner Crochet Hat Pattern

The Free Beginner Crochet Hat Pattern, Chic, and Simple Perfect Hat is a simple double crochet hat from cuff to crown (or bottom to top). With one ball of yarn (I used Chic Sheep Yarn by Marly Bird™) or any other scrap yarn in worsted weight, CYC size #4 yarn, and an H/8 (5mm) hook you can get this uber chic and simple hat. This hat is ideal for babies, children, men, or women. Make one for the whole family! I’ve written the free pattern in 9 sizes.

Beginner crochet hat pattern - chic and simple perfect crochet hat for beginner crocheters. shown on a young man in the color green- Marly Bird
Easy Crochet Modern Granny Square Stocking by Marly Bird

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About the FREE Chic and Simple Beginner Crochet Hat Pattern

All the colors of Chic Sheep Yarn that has been discontinued - Marly Bird

When making simple double crochet hats, I always start with the cuff. I prefer cuff-to-crown construction vs. crown-to-cuff. I think the cuff looks better when made separately. Then you work the hat up from one side of the cuff. So, that’s where this hat began for me. I had one ball of Chic Sheep by Marly Bird™ yarn (who am I kidding, I have several balls!), and the Marly’s Minions were requesting more one-ball projects. 

After playing around with some ideas I finally decided I wanted to make a hat. I began with a very simple single crochet blo ribbing stitch and worked a band up that would be large enough to go around my head. From there, I jumped into my double crochet hat pattern that I’ve used for years. You know the one I am talking about? You don’t have it written down; it is just in your head, and you can do it without thinking. It’s sort of like making chocolate chip cookies…I know that recipe by HEART.

It’s A Quickie! I Promise!

Anyway, I finished the hat after about three and a half hours. I tried it on, and I thought it looked pretty good…but that’s when my son walked into my office and informed me he looked better in it. He took the hat from my hands and put it on his head. Grudgingly, I agreed that he looked better in the green hat than I did. Here’s a picture. You can decide for yourself!

Chic and Simple Perfect Hat FREE Pattern - Marly Bird

The hat has found a happy home on Caden’s head, and I could not be more happy. I love making something when my family immediately says, “MINE!” So now the only thing left to do is to write up the chic and simple perfect hat pattern for all of you lovely crocheters so you can make one for yourself or your family. They also make really great craft fair items to sell!

This easy-to-crochet beanie pattern is a free crochet pattern, and it’s available in multiple sizes from baby to adult.

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FREE Chic and Simple Perfect Beginner Crochet Hat Pattern Info



Sadly, the Chic Sheep Yarn has been discontinued, but we love WeCrochet Swish Worsted as an alternative.


Susan Bates® : H/8 (5mm)


Stitch MarkersBent Tip Tapestry Needle


Start with my blog’s FREE Crochet Chic and Simple Perfect Hat pattern OR purchase an AD FREE PDF copy in my Ravelry store.

Easy Crochet Modern Granny Square Stocking by Marly Bird

Queue it up and Like the Pattern on Ravelry

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