FREE Crochet Hat-Baby It’s Cold Outside

The fashionable and free crochet hat pattern Baby It’s Cold Outside by Marly Bird is ready for you to crochet today. This free crochet hat pattern is a perfect beginner crochet pattern and intermediate crochet pattern. It is written for sizes 6-12 months (12-24 months, Child, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large).

FREE Crochet Hat Pattern-Beginner Crochet Hat-Designed by Marly Bird-Baby It's Cold Outside Crochet Hat

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As many of you know, I have my own yarn line with Red Heart, Chic Sheep by Marly Bird™. Of course, I seriously love this yarn and want to use it for as many projects as possible.

In my studio, I have an entire shelf FULL of this 100% washable merino yarn and it serves as my inspiration wall. Often, I will look at the shelf, mix and match colors and get a spark of inspiration for a design. Something like that happened just a couple weeks ago when I was searching for the perfect colors to make a winter hat for me!

Once I had the colors chosen I sat down and whipped up this super cute hat.

I used the basic single crochet ribbing for the cuff and a traditional V-st pattern for the body of the hat. Those are simple stitches combined to make a wonderful free crochet hat pattern that is easy, fun, and is a perfect beginner crochet pattern.

Video Tutorial:

Here is a great free pattern review video with a very useful tip from my friend Ellen Gormley about this hat.

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