5 Must-Have Fall Crochet Wardrobe Staples

When it comes to fall, the nighttime temperatures drop, and you begin to see your breath in the air. When you step out the door in the morning, there’s a chill, and you zipper up that jacket just a little higher. You wish you’d grabbed that scarf you love so much. That’s when you realize there’s no better time to make yourself some new fall crochet wardrobe staples. 

So we decided to gather a few pieces we love and feel that you might need for a fall crochet capsule collection.

Whether you’re a beginner crocheter or more experienced, there’s something here for everyone. There are hoods, zippers, buttons, fringe, granny squares, cables, and colors galore, so there’s bound to be something that catches your eye and spurs you to grab that hook and get crocheting.

So What Are Wardrobe Staples?

Wardrobe staples are basically standard items of clothing, usually classic pieces that don’t generally go out of style and that you can dress up or dress down. They’re usually easy to mix and match, too. 

But honestly, how many of us stick with a half dozen carefully curated pieces of clothing we wear all the time? Probably not many. We tend to go through phases of trying different styles to find what suits us best.

Well, I’d say everyone needs at least 5 pieces for a fall wardrobe: a cardigan, a sweater, a shawl, a cowl, and a jacket.

If you have all of these, you can layer them up as the temperature dips or peel them off as needed (if we get an Indian summer). Of course…one of each is only a starter. You’re welcome to add more to your collection, but one of each piece will be a great place to start!

So, let’s get to the good stuff! 

Check out these patterns and let us know in the Facebook group which are your faves and what you’re adding to your must-do list!

Crochet Cardigan Patterns

5 curated crochet cardigan patterns for fall.

We all love crochet cardigans, right? They’re so great to snuggle in, especially if they’re so roomy you can actually curl up in them. We wanted to give you a choice, so here’s a few selections with hoods, pockets, buttons, and no buttons. 

Which will you make next?

Granny Pop Cardigan– A cardigan worked just like a granny square! Anyone can do this!

Boho Granny Cardigan – This one’s long and colorful – could even be called a coat. Get cozy in this colorful creation!

Patchwork Cardi – A classic style with colors of your choosing!

Habitat Cardigan – A single-color slouchy cardigan you can really snuggle into.

Green Groves Cardigan – It has cables and a hood! But don’t worry…find out how to work crochet cables here!

Fall Crochet Wardrobe Staples: Crochet Sweater Patterns

5 crochet sweater patterns suitable for a fall crochet wardrobe. Marly Bird

Crochet sweaters are an awesome choice for fall. Sometimes you need something that doesn’t have a closure in front that you don’t have to think about keeping closed. Some here are a little lacy, but that just means you can layer up. Choose a complementary color for the top you wear underneath for a cohesive layered look.

Granny Stitch Crochet Sweater – If you can crochet a granny square, you can make this sweater!

Crochet Ribbed Sweater – Many crocheters want the knit look without learning to knit. THIS is that sweater!

Mint To V Sweater – A perfect transitional sweater to layer or not.

Crochet Hoodie – Fall isn’t fall without a crochet hoodie!

Wavy Crochet Sweater – Though this is a cropped sweater, nothing is stopping you from making it longer or wearing it over a tunic-length tee.

Crochet Shawl Patterns

5 crochet shawls with hoods, pockets and various stitch types. Marly Bird.

Fall isn’t fall without a shawl (or two, or three!) Seriously! You need a whole closet (or wardrobe) full of shawls to match every outfit. Don’t you agree? 

Not to mention, shawls are fun and reasonably quick to make. They’re great for a gift, but you should definitely save some for yourself!

Take your pick of these!

Nova Hooded Triangle Shawl – This could take the place of a cardi – so cozy and fun!

Boho Shawl With Pockets – It has fringe and pockets! What more could you want?

Better Together Hooded Shawl – Check out the colors in this one! Glorious fall at its finest!

Defiti Shawl – Texture, colors, stitch patterns…this one has it all!

Beginner Button Wrap – Super-simple but really cute for fall. You can do this!

Fall Crochet Wardrobe Staples: Crochet Cowl Patterns 

Cozy crochet cowls for fall. Marly Bird

Who wouldn’t want to make a crochet cowl? Like shawls, they’re a fabulous gift, and there are so many styles out there, there’s enough choices to satisfy even the pickiest of crocheters or recipients.

Larger hoods seem popular and oh-so cozy when the nights draw in quickly, so check these out. Hoods rock!

Bohemian Hooded Cowl – This is so cute and easy enough for beginners!

Keyhole Cowl – This is an unusual design, but still very simple and has a great look!

The Braids Cowl – Super-easy cable look, but it doesn’t look easy!

Simple Crochet Cowl– Longer length cowl that doubles as a capelet.

Esmerelda Cowl/Hood – Wear piled up around your neck or pull up over your head as a hood.

Crochet Jacket Patterns

Crochet jackets for fall crochet wardrobe staples. Malry Bird

Whether you call them jackets or cardigans, no matter, they both fasten up the front somehow and can really pull a look together. We’ve chosen a few stand-out designs here for your crochet pleasure.

Visual Illusion Jacket – Check this out!! It’s worked in squares and has a fascinating visual appeal!

Easy Hexagon Jacket With Hood – It’s granny stitch again, and it’s awesome!

Hooded Festival Jacket – Looks so long and cozy!

Hooded Puffer Jacket – This is so awesome – I’ve not seen a crocheted puffer jacket before!

Suit Jacket – Here’s one I’ve not seen before either. For a more formal look!


One More Fall Wardrobe Staple You Can’t Live Without!

A knit poncho pattern for good luck!

I know I said crochet staples, but I’m so excited I just can’t resist telling you about my newest knit poncho pattern. 

Yeah, I know…but if you can’t knit (yet,) just wait ‘til you see…

If you sign up for this Knit Along (KAL), you’ll get portions of the pattern and helpful videos sent to you every week for four weeks, so you’ll not need to leave your couch!

Have someone else cook while you knit, and let them serve you at your seat!

Ok…you can leave your couch if you REALLY want to…but you’re truly going to love this so much you just won’t want to stop!

There’s a blog post up right now explaining how you choose the colors for this fantastical Color Kaleidoscope Poncho. Really – it’s STUNNING! Right?!

KAL Kaleidoscope Poncho -  your knit rainbow!

Check it out now, and make sure you sign up to join in the fun!

And if you need more crochet goodies…check out these bonus links to crochet poncho patterns.

Perfectly Panache Crochet Poncho Great for beginners – comes with videos.

Popular Poncho Another one with videos and great for beginners – this was a crochet along, so you’ll see how they work.

67+ Ponchos And Capes I swear, with this selection, you’ll never run out of patterns!

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