Perfectly Panache Easy Crochet Poncho Pattern

Stay cozy in the Perfectly Panache Chic Poncho. This is a free crochet pattern and was designed by my friend Kristin Omdahl. Kristin made this poncho to help showcase the beauty of my new yarn, Chic Sheep by Marly Bird™. What a wonderful job she did and I hope that you all follow along with me and make one of these crochet ponchos for yourself today. This poncho is a MUST HAVE crochet accessory for your wardrobe.

Perfectly Panache Crochet Poncho - Video Tutorial - Marly Bird

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Ultra-Easy Crochet Poncho

Why not consider creating an effortless poncho for your next crochet project? Ponchos are a preferred choice among crocheters because they are less complex to construct than sweaters and provide ample opportunities for customization. You have the freedom to select any color or stitch pattern you desire, and the level of intricacy is entirely up to you. Even with the simplest patterns listed, you can easily crochet while catching up with friends, commuting in the car, or watching TV. Ponchos are wonderful to stay warm while wearing a great project.

Moreover, ponchos are exceptionally versatile; you can dress them up or down, depending on the occasion. During colder months, they are perfect for staying warm, and you can easily layer them.

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What is a Crochet Poncho?

A crochet poncho is a loose-fitting attire comparable to a sweater but typically less snug. These garments are generally devoid of sleeves and intended as an outer layer to wear over a shirt.

Ponchos are available in various styles, as seen in this catalog, such as plain rectangular designs, hooded, turtleneck, or cowl neck ponchos. Although most poncho patterns lack sleeves, there are a few patterns that feature fitted sleeves.

Perfectly Panache Crochet Poncho - Model View

A Poncho is Perfect for Beginners

For new crocheters, making a poncho is an ideal project. The patterns usually feature uncomplicated stitches, and the construction is comparatively effortless.

As opposed to traditional fitted sweaters, ponchos require less shaping, fewer pieces, and minimal seaming. Moreover, their loose and drapey nature makes it easy to personalize their length and width, and small variations in gauge are acceptable.

Therefore, if you can crochet a square or rectangle, have a basic knowledge of crochet stitches, and can sew simple seams, you can make just about any poncho. Which brings us to the Perfectly Panache Crochet Poncho pattern and video tutorial.

The Perfectly Panache Easy Crochet Poncho

When I launched of my yarn line, Chic Sheep by Marly Bird™, I called on some of my great designer friends to help me out. In the first collection of patterns, all FREE on the Red Heart website (now Yarnspriations website), we had hats, garments, blankets and more. One of the beautiful patterns from the first collection is the Perfectly Panache Poncho.

With a quick and easy to memorize stitch pattern, seamless and simple construction from start to finish, and stylish as all get out! Worked in one piece you don’t have to worry about spending time at the end of your crochet time to finish the project. Just sew in your ends and you will be ready to go.

Now, sadly the Chic Sheep Yarn has been discontinued but a great yarn substitute is Swish Worsted by WeCrochet.

Simple Crochet Stitches I Used

Through this tutorial I show you how to work the front panel and then how to pick up crochet stitches to work the back panel. By starting in your foundation chain for both the front and back panel there is no seaming involved. Once you have the body of your poncho ready to go you will again pick up stitches to work in the round for the collar.

If any of these techniques sound scary don’t be afraid to get started. Through the tutorial I will show you exactly how to do each step-by-step by working on a small color coded sample. I help take the guesswork out of making beautiful projects.

Traditional Crochet Techniques to Know

Some crochet techniques that you may need to know to make your poncho include:

Grab your materials and lets get started making the Perfectly Panache Crochet Poncho. Time to make a crochet poncho for you.

Perfectly Panache Poncho - Detail View - Marly Bird

Perfectly Panache Crochet Poncho Materials

Easy Crochet Poncho Video Tutorial

Perfectly Panache Poncho Pattern by Kristin Omdahl

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