ErinLane Bags special project shared by Lindsey Martin

ErinLane Bags special project shared by Lindsey Martin made for a HAPPY Friday edition of the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird.img_20161107_210758

Lindsey and her mom were part of a knitting group, and when Lindsey lost an especially dear circular needle, she asked her mother to make her a carrier, when they took them to the knit group and began to receive requests, Erin.Lane Bags was born.

Lindsey’s prior career was as a teacher. Because the bags are in such demand and her mother has passed away since they began, she’s walked away from teaching kids and is Schooling Us in how to keep our knitting, needles and yarn with all the little bits together in a safe, portable way. 

Right now, she’s busy with answering questions. Questions from spouses of knitters who haven’t a elb-yarnover-and-backclue as to what their loved one might need/want for gifts, knitters who’ve decided they need Erin.Lane bags who decided that they are picking their own gifts but don’t know where to start.

Right now she’s putting together a couple of Bag Clubs, one is Yarn Over and Back Again based on the Lord of The Rings, Middle Earth, the Hobbit and all of that adventure that many nerds love. Each shipment will feature a location and include a bag, indie dyed yarn with a pattern that match. Her wonderful husband David, who has studied the sew-logofandom, is writing the descriptions for each location that will be happening in the shipments. (Watch Facebook, the Ravelry Group, sign up for the newsletters so you don’t miss any updates!)

There was another club, Indie Yarn Carnival, that Lindsey created and ran until she realized that there is a company in Texas with that name, so it will now be known as Sew, You Knit, Huh? with lots of great participating independent dyers, more fun bags and great patterns. Participating
is broken up into an affordable payment plan and there is NOTHING sweeter than getting Yarn in the mail.

Sheeple Bags have been such fun for Lindsey and her customers, which Lindsey says creating just makes small-colorher happy and will brighten a bad day. The Sheeples have been created for the Stitches Events, with the sheep character doing all the regional fun things. The line has been expanded to all the nerdy fandoms too, like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Dr Who… And now, there is a ‘Color-Your-Own’, which allows you to color with pens that DYE the fabric and truly make it your own.

Please follow Erin.Lane Bags at their website: www.erinlanebags.com, and SHEEPLE, make sure you are following them at their FACEBOOK PAGE (please, if you are on Facebook, DO FOLLOW for all the hot, hot, hot Erin.Lane Bag news), Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and there is a Ravelry group. Here are the dates of previous visits to Yarn Thing podcast, from 2013, from Jan 2015,  October 2015 and this past June (which changed my opinion of her as a person because it was right after her father passed away, she so much stronger than I knew). Fiber Hooligans was where I first heard of Erin.Lane Bags and Lindsey Martin.

Click this link RIGHT HERE for the video as it was recorded in Marly’s Facebook page.



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  1. Tami says:

    What a great show today ! Lindsey was a fun person to listen to – Herbert Sheepable should come visit my house <3 He would love to play with the pugs <3 Thank you both ! I enjoy listening when you are on 🙂

  2. Susan Oeltjen says:

    Fun show today. Laughed so much at “feels like your stomach dropping out of your butt” and Marly’s laugh. Good time! Going to check out the sheeple.

  3. Kathy says:

    Herbert Sheeple, what a crack up! Fun show today, sorry I missed the “live”, really wanted to be in the running for the “middle earth” club….bet the colors are going to be awesome. <3

  4. Amberly says:

    I adore the Sheeple! And it’s so cute that they all have names, thanks Herbert for blazing the sheeple trail! My favourite of Lindsey’s bags is the sock bag. I agree that they work for almost every project type. Thanks Lindsey for the best project bags and thanks Marly for the great interview.

  5. Anita says:

    What a funny show. I think you and Lindsey could talk forever and your laughter made my day. I love the idea of Sheeple and having tools that make you smile is a definite must. I always love when Lindsey is the guest.

  6. Lynne Baltzer says:

    Such a great show so fun hearing how businesses start. I love to cook and knit and crochet. Wouldn’t be great if there was a Sheep le bag of Herbert cooking and knitting at the same time like I do. thanks for the pidcast. usually watch fb liive but missed yout this week

  7. Loretta says:

    Fun podcast! Love the Erin bags I own- but you can never have to many, so I think I need to add sheeples to my collection!

  8. Michelle says:

    I LOVE SHEEPLE!!! Especially Herbert the first ever!!! I actually have the stitches south sock bag so I am certain to LOVE the bag I have JUST WON!!

  9. Markie Tenczar says:

    I want all the sheeple! They are my new favorite thing. Great laughs on this show! Herbert started a revolution:)

  10. TopHat says:

    The Sheeple prints are really cute! I have a flower Erin Lane bag and am currently using it for holding a scarf that will be a gift for my brother. It’s one of my favorite knitting bags!

  11. Ramona says:

    I love when Lindsey is a guest on the show. It’s like eavesdropping in on a phone call between besties – well I guess it kind of is like that isn’t it? LOVE the sheeples. I’m into the cute! 🙂

  12. Linda says:

    Enjoyed another great podcast with you guys. It’s always so interesting to listen to. I don’t currently own any Erin Lane bags but I’d like to remedy that. The Sheeples sound so cute. Maybe I can get an Erin Lane bag for Christmas from santa! Wouldn’t that be great?

  13. Staci Lockman says:

    I really enjoyed this podcast and hope that I get to meet Herbert. Steeples sound like fun to sew on forever!

  14. Johnny says:

    So I had to go and check out the Sheeple and yes I just ordered a Sheeple bag for myself. Tempted to join the club…Can you say SHEEPLE CLUB??? Please!!!

  15. Louise Gingery says:

    Another fun podcast! And I purchased my first Sheeple bag at SAFF! Maybe Herbert should be on a bag….

  16. Debbie says:

    I have a couple of Erin’s bags but no sheeples yet. I guess I will read up on Herbert the sheeple and see what he is all about!

  17. Lorraine Sutherland says:

    Another fun podcast with Lindsey! So cool that are are so many different Sheeples and they all started with Herbert. Nerd Sheeples are the best. Let your nerd freak flag fly!

  18. Lori Biamonte says:

    I think I’m in love with Sheeple! I really enjoyed the podcast today and I can’t wait to purchase some Sheeple bags. So cute. And so necessary I’m sure! Yup, my husband has hobbies too. . .

  19. Jackie Watson says:

    Fun fun show! Can’t wait to see what Lindsey does with more sheeple designs. Especially love Herbert the sheeple!

  20. Kathy M. says:

    The Sheeples are so cute. I don’t have a bag with them on it, so I really need a fantastic Erin Lane bag with them on it to join my collection.

  21. Robin says:

    I love the fabrics Lindsey chooses and the Sheeple bags are no exception. Herbert and his friends are so much fun.

  22. Laura says:

    So much fun when Marly has her close friends on the podcast. The laughter is contagious and often what I need at the end of the day when I listen to podcasts. And how cute is that sheeple fabric?! Can’t wait to meet Herbert. I thought when I started crocheting that I only needed one project bag; HA! Now I want all the bags because you need different sizes for different sized projects. 😉

  23. Mary Kay says:

    I always love hearing Erin’s story and the beginnings of Sheeple! I’ll have to go look for Herbert now! Thanks, Marly, for such a happy podcast!

  24. [email protected] says:

    I’ve got to meet herbert the sheeple and all the sheeples out there since I always have a million UFOs. Love to hear this story of a mother/daughter team stumbling on a hidden talent that is now a great business.

  25. Suzanne says:

    I feel like I am late to the party. Gosh, having listened after the fact, I can’t believe the amazing generosity that Lindsey has. Ok, I can. She is good stock. Thanks for such a great product. I want to get my hands on Herbert the Sheeple and get coloring!

  26. Martha R, the Darn Yarner says:

    I wish I could have been listening LIVE. You are so generous. I would love a Sheeple bag! Or any other bag. All so cute!

  27. Kelly says:

    What a fun bonus podcast this week. It is always so fun to hear what’s going on with Lindsey. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who forgets about eating sometimes. I love the new Herbert the Sheeple lind drawing bags that I can color, what a great idea.
    floridakelly on Ravelry

  28. Jill H. says:

    I began collecting Erin Lane bags after hearing Lindsey on a previous podcast last summer, but don’t have any sheeple ones yet. Love the club idea 🙂 And love my bags!

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