Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

We have talked before about the importance of having the proper tools when working on projects. Working for long periods of time can cause fatigue. Ergonomic wooded crochet hook handles are a great way to improve your crochet time and endurance. Ashley from Leither Co. joins me to talk about her special hooks.

Shop Leither Co Crochet hoooks and subscription boxes
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About Ashley Leither:

My name is Ashley Leither, I became hooked on crochet back in 2011. I became so addicted that I started designing crochet patterns and over the past 8 years, I have published 300 patterns and published two books.

After I suffered several crochet injuries, I was looking for a way to improve my crochet experience, so I talked to my husband about what I wanted in a crochet hook and he made it for me, which lead to starting Leither Co. crochet hooks and the Leither Collection Subscription Box.

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Shop Leither Co. Crochet Hooks and Subscription box


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  1. Kathleen Champ says:

    GOOD MORNING, I can’t stress to you how important it is that I stay Hooked tee rest of my life. It’s literally what gives me the ability to speak and comprehend. Im so grateful for our community. I do struggle with pain in fingers but mostly it seems im being burned or rubbed raw with hooks. I would love to try one of tedder gorgeous hooks to know where I can rely on a product that doesn’t hurt me. THANK YOU

  2. Chris Lopez says:

    Another great show! Ashley’s hooks are so easy to get hooked on! Think I need to upgrade my subscription!

  3. Carri Benson says:

    I can easily become hooked on these Leither Co. hooks! So beautiful! Ashley’s hand dyed yarns look pretty amazing also. Great podcast today.

  4. Kathy Jenks says:

    Great way to get hooked up with these wood crochet hooks. Sorry I missed the podcast live but was at the doctors. Great show. Thanks Marly and all your sponsors. Also Ashley and family.

  5. Carleen Roberts says:

    I enjoyed learning more about Leither Collection on today’s YarnThing podcast. Wow! Ashley’s family is hooked on working together to create beautiful products for their business.

  6. Milagritos Ortiz says:

    I would love to get hooked with that pink & black Funfetti hook, Size “J”; that’s my favorite…

  7. Sharon Taylor says:

    Missed the live today but got hooked when I finally was able to watch. Love that it’s a family business and the kids like helping, having your daughter ask if her items were enjoyed means she will be a terrific customer care rep as she and your business grows. Thanks so much and as always…
    Marly you rock!!!

  8. Thadis Bostock says:

    I’m hooked on Marly’ s podcasts. Ashley’s hook design, color and patterns are so inspiring for crocheters.

  9. Serena Lee says:

    I have been contemplating getting one of Ashley’s hooks since I saw the unboxing… I definitely need to try one, because I am hooked on wood crochet hooks!

  10. Sharon Shaw says:

    I just discovered Marly’s channel this past week when I came across the My First Sweater Knit Along videos. I have so enjoyed the series that I immediately GOT HOOKED and began to watch her other posts. Thank you for this interesting interview with Ashley Leither.

  11. Elena Lewis says:

    I was hooked when you unboxed several pods ago but now I must purchase. Thanks for the opportunity to learn about kits and accessories. Hooks are totally beautiful.

  12. Mary Lou says:

    I got hooked on crochet over 50 years ago. I’m also hooked on collecting unique hooks! Win win.

  13. Pamela Thomas says:

    I understand how one could get hooked on these lovely hooks. I’m wondering if they’re comfortable for one who crochets using the pencil grip?

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