Unforgettable Entrelac Knit Cowl Free Pattern

I wanted to bring back an oldie-but-goodie. This is an entrelac knit cowl free pattern. I filmed a video tutorial for it (see below) that shows you exactly how to work it. I’m bringing it back today because even though the pattern says to turn your work, this is a terrific pattern for you to practice knitting backward, which I recently shared in another post. It’s also just a really perfect autumn knitting project.

Worked in Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn

As you might know, if you follow me on Instagram, two of my team members (Cryssi and Kathryn) recently visited me. I sent them home with huge bags of yarn and projects to work on. It takes a village y’all. Kathryn immediately drifted to the Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn. Although she loves working with luxury yarns, she doesn’t discriminate, and this is one of her favorite affordable yarn options ever. So I sent her home with a bunch of it to turn into new things for the blog soon. And that is the yarn used to make this entrelac knit cowl free pattern.

Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn is a 100% acrylic worsted weight roving yarn. It has a unique softness to it that people often tend to love. You can machine wash and dry it, which is always nice. But what’s really great about it is the colorways. Each one is just such a rich combination of beautiful colors. The original entrelac knit cowl free pattern calls for two balls of the Stained Glass colorway. Definitely beautiful. It’s a good color choice for fall accessories, too. But there are also more than twenty different colorways to choose from. We like Polo and Echo as other choices for autumn accessorizing. But make your cowl in the colors that are perfect for you!

Entrelac knit cowl free pattern - link to pattern

Knit Backwards With This Entrelac Knit Cowl Free Pattern

As aforementioned, I just shared a post with you about how to knit backwards. There are a few times when it makes a lot of sense to use this technique. The biggest reason is when you’re working short rows. If you knit backwards, then you don’t have to turn and turn and turn the work after every short row. Therefore, knitting backwards is perfect for entrelac knitting. Practice knitting backwards with some swatches, then if you feel comfortable, see if this technique works for you on this cowl pattern. Of course, if it doesn’t feel right, then follow the pattern turns as they’re designed.

Triangles and Rectangles, Oh My

To create the interesting design of this pattern, you’re going to knit some bold geometric shapes. You’ll work knit triangles as well as knit rectangles. Moreover, you’ll knit both left-leaning and right-leaning triangles and rectangles. The stitches themselves are simple. Just pay attention to the way you’re turning the work. Notice where each of the layers shifts. This is what makes the design an intermediate-level pattern. And it’s what makes it really stand out as a beautiful fall accessory.

Get The Entrelac Knit Cowl Free Pattern

You can get the free pattern right here. Or click on the image below.

Entrelac knit cowl free pattern with link to pattern

Entrelac Knit Cowl Video Tutorial

Watch the video for help making this beautiful autumn cowl:

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