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Welcome to this week’s Wednesday Review! This week Katelyn was lucky enough to get a copy of Colorful Crochet by Marianne Dekkers-Roos to take a look at and share share with you. Join her in a review of the book and what you will find inside.

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Let’s Talk About Color

Let me start off by saying I LOVE COLOR so much!!! If you could see my house you would see that every room is a different color and there is no white in my house, other than the doors. I know that color isn’t for everyone. Some people enjoy white walls and then using decorations to introduce color. No matter if you have color everywhere or if you use it for accents this book will be a great starting point for some more crochet color in your life.

When Marly first told me that her new yarn, Chic Sheep, was going to be coming out in 24 colors I was so excited. It was going to be a beautiful yarn to work with and it was going to feed my color needs! Don’t feel overwhelmed by color selection. Start with one color that you love and work from there. If you are picking yarn for a project and they don’t have the color that you want in the same brand, that is okay. Pick out the colors that you like just making sure that the weight and the yarn content are similar. Make sure you like how they feel together and don’t forget that you can SWATCH, I know I used a bad word, to figure out if you like the colors together.

Selecting Your Colors

You might hear that you need to take a color theory class to be able to put colors together the right way. I don’t believe that to be true. Really if you love the colors together and it made you happy while making it and looking at it forever then it is the right choice for you! When thinking about color you will want to decide if you want the colors to be shades or tones of something you already have or to be compliments of that item. Selecting color is all about what makes you happy and what helps you to enjoy making your project even more.

I mentioned swatching with the colors that you like because the simple change of color A in row one to color A in row three could make the ultimate difference in how much you love the finished piece. Time is not lost when you are swatching. Turn them into coasters or wall hangings if you decide that you don’t like them.

Colorful Crochet

Within this book you will find 20 crochet projects for you to try. The great thing about these projects is that most are shown in bold color choices but there are some that are one color. Any of these patterns you could change to have one color or to have multiple colors. Really it is your choice on the number of colors you use for a project.

The samples in this book can be used as color pallets for you start from. Look through the book and find a color combination that you love and then start from there. Tweaking the colors as you go to fit your style. I know that sometimes it can be hard to look past the colors that the designer used to find something that fits your home or wardrobe but really try to think about what the project would look like in ‘your colors’ before saying that you don’t like it.

This book includes patterns for blankets, pillows, shawls, garments, bags and more. Really there is something for everyone in this book. Each pattern has a chart to show you how to work the stitches. Most of the patterns even have notes from the designer about how to make it more successful. In the beginning of the book Marianne also shares some general tips that she has learned the hard way to help make your crochet journey more successful.

Don’t be afraid to start with color today. Even if you have to frog, you are learning what you do and don’t like together. Enjoy the process of working with color.

Purchase Colorful Crochet

Purchase Your Copy of Colorful Crochet

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