Discover the Charm of the Bamberg Bandana Cowl: Your Next Favorite Project!

Are you ready to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe with a versatile piece that’s both a cowl and a shawl? Look no further than the knit Bamberg Bandana Cowl pattern! This delightful project is perfect for those who love a bit of a challenge mixed with a whole lot of fun. In this blog post we will guide you through all you need to know about this modern knit project and how you can get the pattern. Use the table of contents to jump to any section of the article you desire.

Promotional image for the Bamberg Bandana Knit Cowl featuring Marly Bird. Three photos display Marly smiling and modeling the cowl, which showcases rich textures and colorwork in shades of yellow, purple, and pink. She stands outdoors with tall grass in the background. The image includes text overlays that read 'Bamberg Bandana Knit Cowl,' 'video tutorials,' 'easy to wear,' 'pdf pattern,' and 'www.marlybird.com.

What’s a Bandana Cowl?

A bandana cowl, also known as a bandana shawl, is a fashionable accessory that drapes beautifully around your neck and shoulders. It’s like a scarf but even cooler because it combines the style of a bandana with the warmth of a cowl. And the best part? You can wear it in lots of different ways! This neck and chest warmer is a multifunctional piece that is modern, unisex, and utilitarian. This piece is an attention grabber and a conversation starter for sure!

What Skills Do I Need To Know to Knit a Simple Cowl?

The Bamberg Bandana Cowl is designed with the adventurous beginner in mind, providing a delightful challenge for those who are comfortable with knit and purl stitches and have general knitting knowledge. This pattern is a stepping stone towards more complex projects, allowing knitters to grow their skills while working on a practical and stylish accessory. The textured design, while simple to follow, results in a sophisticated piece that looks more complicated than it is, making it perfect for those looking to expand their knitting repertoire in a fun and engaging way.

The Bamberg Bandana Cowl Knitting Pattern

The Bamberg Bandana Cowl pattern is not just any ordinary pattern. It’s filled with textures that are sure to keep your fingers dancing and your mind engaged. Imagine creating something that looks super fancy but is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. That’s the magic of the Bamberg Bandana Cowl!

Learn how to combine knits and purls to create the Seersucker stitch pattern. And also learn how to combine garter stitch and slip stitches to create a beautiful and easy knit mosaic pattern. These are wonderful stitches for any knitter to learn but perfect for Adventurous Beginners!

But the texture doesn’t stop there! Learn a seaming technique that creates a eye catching 3D seam. You can work this seam with knitting needles or a crochet hook.

Promotional graphic for the Bamberg Bandana Knit Cowl PDF pattern. The image features an iPad displaying Marly Bird holding the cowl, with text reading 'Ad-Free PDF Pattern.' Beside it, another tablet screen shows full-color charts for the cowl pattern. Arrows point to the key features 'PDF Pattern' and 'Full Color Charts' to highlight the content of the purchase.

This knitting pattern is available as an ad-free pdf instant download. The instructions include both written and charted instructions, as well as video tutorials to help along the way. We understand that we all have different learning styles, that is why Marly Bird patterns provide as many ways to get the instructions as possibly available. Oh, did I mention this pattern is large font and expands over 22 pages?

Promotional collage for the Bamberg Bandana Cowl knitting pattern available at www.marlybird.com. The image features the text 'BAMBERG BANDANA COWL' prominently displayed at the top, followed by '22 PAGE PDF + CHART & VIDEO TUTORIALS.' Below, there are multiple snapshots of the PDF pattern pages, showcasing detailed instructions, charts, and photos of Marly Bird wearing the completed cowl. The layout is designed to highlight the comprehensive nature of the pattern and the resources provided for knitters.

Information about the Kerchief Style Shawl

This kerchief style cowl was knit in one day and it only requires one hank of worsted yarn in 3 different colors. The piece is knit flat in sections of slip stitch mosaic and seersucker stitch. The sizing is very customizable and gauge is not super important, you can follow the instructions as written or repeat the pattern to get a scarf length instead of the size given.


To Fit Size: One Size

Finished Measurements: 10 inches x 42 inches [25.4 x 108.7 cm] blocked & before fold

Gauge: 18.66 sts 31 rows = 4″ [10 cm] in Slip Stitch pattern unblocked.


Yarn: KnitPicks, Twill  (100% Superwash Merino Wool, 149 yards / 136 meters, 3.53 oz / 100 g CYCA #4 worsted yarn weight) 

  • 1 ball each color: Rose Water Heather – Color A, Serpent Heather – Color B, Black Cherry Heather – Color C

Knitting Needle

U.S. 9 [5.5 mm] 24” [61 cm], or size required for gauge

Crochet Hook (ever wonder what the best crochet hook is for you?)

U.S. H/8 [5 mm] used for seaming


Video Tutorials Included!

Sometimes reading a pattern isn’t enough for those of us who are visual learners, and that’s totally okay! The Bamberg Bandana Cowl comes with closed-captioned video tutorials to help you every step of the way. This pattern was the prototype for what became The Archer pattern for the Game Day 2024 knitting project. The same stitches are used in both projects so the videos for the Game Day will help you with the Bamberg. And as mentioned, the unique finishing technique used to seam this project has its own video. These videos make it like having a teacher right there with you, showing you exactly what to do. How awesome is that?

Promotional Pinterest graphic for the 'Bamberg Bandana Cowl' knitting pattern by Marly Bird. The image features three separate pictures of Marly modeling the cowl in yellow and purple hues, alongside a close-up of the cowl's textured stitch patterns. The central pink banner states 'Knitting Pattern - Bamberg Bandana Cowl' with the website 'www.marlybird.com' at the bottom.

Choosing the Right Yarn for Your Bandana Cowl

Knitting the perfect Bamberg Bandana Cowl starts with selecting the right yarn. If you’re wondering what type of yarn will make your cowl both comfortable and chic, consider a soft, medium-weight yarn. Wool, acrylic, or a blend can offer warmth and versatility, while a splash of color can bring the textured patterns to life.

Using mohair or polyester or silk or bamboo or yak yarn will definitely give the project a different look but if you swatch with it and like the overall look, then go for it. Let creativity be your guide.

Remember, the yarn weight and fiber you choose will transform your cowl from a simple accessory to a statement piece!

For the sample, Marly used a lovely superwash yarn from KnitPicks called Twill. But any worsted weight yarn can be used for this lovely piece.

Flat lay image showcasing the Bamberg Bandana Cowl in progress with rich textures in pink, yellow, and purple yarns. The knitting project is laid out on a white surface, displaying its intricate patterns and a Marly Bird branded label. Beside the cowl, there are three skeins of Twill yarn from WeCrochet in coordinating colors, indicating the high-quality materials used in the creation of this piece.

Why You’ll Love Knitting This Project

  • It’s Unique: Stand out from the crowd with a cowl that’s also a shawl!
  • It’s Fun: Enjoy a project that’s full of texture and exciting new stitches.
  • It’s Educational: Learn new techniques with helpful video tutorials.
  • It’s Stylish: Add a fashionable twist to any outfit with your very own handcrafted accessory.How to Block Your Handmade Cowl or Shawl?

I Want the Bamberg Pattern – Where Do I Get It?

This pattern is available as part of the 2024 Game Day MVP Package or in the Marly Bird Etsy shop

Don’t wait any longer! Grab your yarn and needles (or hook!) and get ready to make something beautiful. The Bamberg Bandana Cowl is perfect for cozying up on cool days or adding a stylish layer on an evening out.

So, are you team cowl or team shawl? Why choose when you can have both with the Bamberg Bandana Cowl! Get your pattern today and join the crafting fun. If you are making this project, don’t forget to favorite and queue it up on Ravelry.

Remember, with the Bamberg Bandana Cowl, you’re not just making a piece of clothing; you’re creating a work of art to wear and love. Happy crafting!

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