Daffodil Washcloth in Cotton Scrubby-Video Tutorial

Daffodil Cotton Scrubby Video Tutorial-Daffodil Washcloth

As we start the month of June we are moving in to the next month of the 7 months of Scrubby Campaign by Red Heart yarns. This month is featuring flowers. There are 6 great new patterns for you to make with the Scrubby line of yarns. Today I will be showing you how to make the Daffodil Cotton Scrubby. This Daffodil Washcloth is perfect little gift or an accent in your own home. Add a touch color to your bath or kitchen with a crocheted daffodil in Scrubby Cotton. Read through to the bottom of the post to see the video tutorial.

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For this tutorial I broke it into two parts to allow you pick where you needed more assistance. Part 1 will show you how to make the center 3D portion of the flower. Tips and tricks for using the Scrubby yarn are also included in part 1. Part 2 continues the pattern and shows you how to make and attach the background square of the motif.

Red Heart Scrubby Yarn

Scrubby started out offering one version that is a polyester yarn. This is great because it dries much faster than cotton yarn so that there is less of a chance of the yarn going sour. After such a great response of Scrubby Original, Red Heart came out with Scrubby Sparkle. Now Red Heart has launched Scrubby Cotton to give all of the cotton lovers out there the ability to use the textured yarn of Scrubby for all of your washcloth and dishcloth patterns. You’ll enjoy the all-cotton fiber and how it gets softer when wet. And it washes easily by machine!

Daffodil Washcloth in Red Heart Cotton Scrubby-Free pattern and video tutorialVideo Tips for using Scrubby:

How to make removable stitch markers for knit and crochetIf you watch the video you will hear some of the tips that I have about using Scrubby yarn. Because the yarn has texture it can be hard to see where the stitches are. In order to find your stitches, just feel around for them. You will need to rely more on your fingers finding the stitches vs. your eyes finding the stitches. A great way to know where the start and end of the row are is to use removable stitch markers. These can be purchased wherever you get your knitting and crochet supplies or you can make your own.

Some choose not to make their own washcloths and dishcloths but find that they like the motifs that are made. In the video I used Red Heart Baby Hugs Lite to show you the pattern. Since Scrubby has the texture that we talked about and is harder to see the stitches I wanted to show you the steps with something you could actually see. By using an alternate yarn you can turn any square motif into a blanket easily. All you need to do is make multiples of them and seam them together when you are finished. This allows you to adjust the size to your specific needs.

Download the Daffodil Washcloth Pattern in Scrubby Cotton

Daffodil Cotton Scrubby Materials:

Daffodil Cotton Scrubby Video Tutorial Part 1:

Daffodil Cotton Scrubby Video Tutorial Part 2:

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