Curls Two author Hunter Hammersen

Curls Two author Hunter Hammersen on Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird was the perfect ending to a full weekend of holiday and internet shopping. curls-2-by-hunter-hammersen

Hunter Hammersen says she began her knitting career by accident. As a grad student she knitted for her own pleasure and once she got the hang of it began doing her own thing. Others would ask her for the patterns, and she admits she is ‘kinda bossy’ so writing the patterns wasn’t that big a deal. It kinda clicked. Then, thanks to Ravelry, she was very busy and contacted by publishers. She began self-publishing with Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet in 2012, which has had three volumes, then Curls in 2015 and now Curls 2.

Hunter says she works hard to create her self-published book in a way that stands beside others or she wouldn’t create books this way.

Curls began with a swatch, and she admired the curl it created and found that she couldn’t put it down. It was also pretty cool that it an interesting shape that could be a cute cowl, if you kept going it could be a scarf and then when it was bigger it made a shawl. She discovered that it was more important to get the shape and desired texture than to get gauge. Hunter loved the idea of letting the knitter be in charge, with the freedom to pick the yarn weight and working with their own gauge. The shape doesn’t really have a designated shape, Marly calls it ‘a cornucopia’ shape, but it’s an asymmetrical with a curve…. totally fun and interesting. On previous visits, Hunter really admired how it just wraps or CURLS around our shoulder so comfy.

As far as stitch techniques, most of the patterns are lace and occasionally with cables. As long as the knitter has some experience they will be able to accomplish something from Curls 2. Some people have created things from the book after completing a wash cloth! You may need to access the various resources to learn how to make the increases or decreases that gets the shape or accomplishes the stitch patterns, but she has heard from many that have been successful.

The first thing one may notice when viewing the patterns in Ravelry is that all the shown suggestions for gray (going with the American spelling) some yarns are favorites, and can be found in our local yarn shops, but others may be specialty colorways or independent and harder to find. Again, because the gauge isn’t set in stone we can use our favorites, too. The stitch patterns that Hunter chose look pretty on it’s reverse side and some are even Reversible, so if it doesn’t stay put somehow, it still looks sweet.

She also wants people to hear her when she say ‘Block Your Swatches’ including washing. You really need to see how the swatch turns out to know how your finished shawl will drape. She even suggests blocking while it’s on the needles, letting it dry, if it appears to be what you hope it will be, keep knitting. It will save so much time and heartache. She has included a section in this book on blocking. This is the first book that she used blocking wires. Marly has recommended THESE to us before, from Fiber Dreams.

TRIVIA: The names in Curls 2 are like shades of gray, shades of the truth or shades of lies. Most find this funny, but one knitter, surprisingly, said she didn’t to ‘wrap herself up in that negativity’. That’s OK, too, more lovely lace shawls for me!

Curls 2: Versatile Wearable Wraps to Knit at Any Gauge by Hunter Hammersen is available through Amazon with Marly’s affililate link. (Here is one for ANY of Hunter’s books.) Hunter can be followed through her website: ViolentlyDomestic.com Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, in Ravelry check out her Designer Page and the Violently Domestic Group.

Hunter has visited with us on Yarn Thing in the past, in 2012, 2013, 2015 with Curls, and again in 2015 with Fine Things.

There is a great story about the Police getting involved in her photoshoot, worth listening to the whole episode.  There is also video filmed behind-the-scenes from Marly’s Birds of a Feather Studio that was LIVE on Facebook.


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  1. Suzanne says:

    I really enjoyed the story of the photo shoots for Curls 2. I bet it was hard to find a day in December which was not too grey. I’m going to look at the projects now to see how they were styled next to the infamous police wall.

  2. Rebecca Stacey says:

    Really loved today’s show! One of my next projects is going to be a black and gray poncho for my sister! Speaking of gray it’s a but cloudy outside today.

  3. Christie Hardy says:

    The color gray coordinates with so many colors. I loved the podcast today, and admire your beautiful knitted curly works of art. Thank you Hunter and Marly 🙂

  4. Chris Lopez says:

    It was amazing to hear the police were so annoying during the photo shoots. It would seem their time would be better spent harassing real criminals. The designs are amazing; I love the gray wrap on the cover!

  5. Colleen McAvoy says:

    I have the first Curls book and would love the second. I think one of the new ones in an ombre gray/grey going from light to dark would look awesome!

  6. Lori Biamonte says:

    I was on the phone hoping so much to win these beautiful books of patterns. The shawl patterns are enhanced by the color gray. I love every single shade of gray. The gray also allows one to imagine the shawls in any color. I buy random skeins of yarn when I travel and I know I have several that would work with these patterns. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win these books.

  7. Lorraine Jones says:

    I love to sit and knit or crochet when the skies are gray outside. Making a special project for someone lifts my spirits.

  8. Lauren says:

    What a great idea, to use grey as the only color for the projects. I love how grey is such a good neutral, allowing you to accent with any other color. The book looks lovely. What a fun & informative interview. Always love the back stories.
    Thank you.

  9. Paulette Finnegan says:

    The books look beautiful. I love the gray color ways. Since my wardrobe is more in the autumn color story this inspires me to make an ivory/ecru set of accessories. Whoops, does that mean more yarn shopping.

  10. Pam Maher says:

    I have the first Curls book and knit the Filemot which I love! (I knit it in blue not grey)The second book would be a fantastic addition!

  11. Elizabeth Merian says:

    I LOVE this designer and her books! Put them in my wish list for Christmas! I always choose grey and blue grey! GREY IS MY FAVORITE COLOR!!!

  12. Edith says:

    Thank you very much, Marly
    You’re the best. I’m learning so much about the Universe of Yarn, by listening to your podcast.
    My life is full of yarn.
    I teach knitting (and a little crochet) in Denmark.
    And I design toys, clothes and blankets for babyes/kids.
    My favorit colours are red, orange and a touch of grey.
    Have a creative day.
    Looking forward to the next episode of your podcast.

  13. Theresa says:

    Loved today’s interview. My mom got me Curls for Christmas last year and I love it. Curls 2 looks awesome. I only have one grey cowl so I guess I need to get this book and make some more.

  14. Vicki Lynch says:

    I have Curls on my wish list and will add Curls 2 also. I’m such a fan of gray. I’m looking forward to seeing all the samples done in gray in the second book.

  15. Trisha says:

    I love grey, especially charcoal grey. This has been a year of grey for me, as I’ve used it often in colorwork to balance out bright colors. Love the Curls books.

  16. Knitsta says:

    I have 2 skeins of grey yarn in my stash waiting to become something. Thank you for the inspiration with a second curls book!

  17. Mosaic Magpie says:

    I throughly enjoyed the podcast. Hunter’s knitting style inspires me to be a better knitter. The story about the beautiful backdrop wall at the police impound will have me noticing more places to photograph. I have never blocked my swatch before but certainly will be from now on….why did I never think of doing that? With my ever whitening hair, grey is a great color choice for a scarf or shawl. Hunter, thank you for your inspiration and for offering us such a lovely prize.

  18. Cheryl Clemons says:

    I hate when days are grey but it is a good time to sit and knit. Loved listening to the podcast. I have put the Curls books on my wish list.

  19. Karen Grauman says:

    I loved listening to Hunter’s philosophy about pattern books and how models can “distort” the image. Love the idea that grey or gray dominates!

  20. Jill H. says:

    I love all of Hunter’s books! And love the grey concept in Curls 2, lets the patterns shine. Also love being able to use any yarn to make any pattern, makes every curl unique 🙂

  21. Eden Castle says:

    I can see using Gray yarn during the winter months. It can be a reflection of the weather but a lot warmer. Great Podcast today and would love to explore the book.

  22. Missy Schmidt says:

    Omg. I can so relate. I have to be careful or my closet is just full of grey! I have to make sure to add color in there occasionally. LOL! Loved the podcast!

  23. annievanknits says:

    I’m so glad I caught this episode live! I’ve heard about Hunter over the last couple of years, and her designs are beautiful! How perfect that Curls 2 is all in shades of grey….my go-to neutral!!

  24. Michelle says:

    I remember the interview for the first Curls book. It was a grey, cloudy day. Normal for here, NH. Today was a sunny day…also great for an interview with Hunter. Keep up the great work ladies.

  25. Valerie K says:

    I always think that gray us a very sophisticated color. It is one if my favorites. I hope my LYS has Hunter’s books in case I don’t win

  26. Nanci Benney says:

    I enjoyed her podcast with Marly. I too like how grey brings out the other color I am wearing. Looking forward to her next book.

  27. Mary L. says:

    I love all of the patterns in Hunter’s new Curls book! Gray is my color of choice too. Great podcast – thoroughly enjoyed it!

  28. Sandi Adkins says:

    Really enjoyed the show. I always learn something. Very interesting to know you can knit something wearable without having to do a gauge swatch. Love the grey!

  29. Heather says:

    I’ve never heard of Curls before, thanks for introducing me! The description of the photo shoots was fun and hilarious. I’ve not had those kinds of interactions while taking pictures, but who knows?

    I don’t know the last time I knit with gray; I’m more of a bright color girl, but my husband likes gray, so I do it for him.

  30. Loretta says:

    Looking at your newest book online…. might have to splurge on this one! I too love grey tones and the projects are calling to me!

  31. Lesa Vasiliou Tustin says:

    Loved the first curls book and looking forward to this one as well. Can’t wait to see all the shades of grey/gray:-)

  32. Geraldine Scott says:

    Such a great interview! Would love to dig into this book…certainly would bring sunshine to this gray, cloudy day we’re having!

  33. Leighann says:

    Hi Marly….I’m going to mention the wonderful colour grey, A wonderful shade that going with so many other colours….I did enjoy your podcast, even though I rarely catch them live. Cheers from Australia…❤❤❤

  34. Laura says:

    I love listening to Hunter! The more I work with yarn the higher end my taste gets. I recently picked up some dark gray 100% undied alpaca while on vacation. It would be perfect for a curls shawl!

  35. Cindy Pace says:

    Another terrific podcast, Hunter is a delight to listen to. It is a grey day here on Cape Cod today that was cheered up by listening. Love the color grey and love Hunter’s work!

  36. Tabatha Holtz says:

    I’m a dog walker in Ontario, Canada and listen to your podcasts while walking, even on grey days. I really enjoyed Hunter’s interview so decided to check out her books (Curls and Curls 2) and I am head over heels for her patterns! Grey is such a fantastic neutral, I love it with bright dynamic colours like yellow, fuchsia, purple and turquoise!

  37. Julie says:

    I’m a crocheter with a 2017 goal of learning to knit (just like the call in winner!) and these books would be a good jumping off point! The greys in Curls 2 are so beautiful!

  38. Robin says:

    As a beginning knitter I look longingly at the beautiful shawls and think I could never… but maybe I could wth these lovely grey shawls

  39. Mary Kay says:

    I’ve been a fan of Hunter’s since hearing her talk about her first Curls book on Marly’s podcast. I can’t wait to check out all of her gray designs in her new book!

  40. Alicia A says:

    Love having the versatility of grey accessories. The Curls books are awesome. I love the first book and have the second one on my wish list.

  41. Kelly says:

    Another great podcast, that I was listening to while painting my bedroom a beautiful blue gray color. I love the curls books, and everything Hunter has done, socks and shawls in particular
    floridakelly on Ravelry

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