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This is the first ever Mystery Crochet Along…

that Craftsy has done and I am super excited to have been asked to host it! I must say, the project is one that is a staple in pattern repertoire. The big reveal is set for Nov. 1st  (so check back for pictures) but until then it is not too late to sign up.

But what are you signing up for you ask?

Join the Craftsy Mystery Crochet-Along and gain access to instructor Marly Bird’s exclusive hat project! Ideal for fun, homemade holiday gifts, the basic hat design can be worked up quickly and embellished with chic crocheted flowers for a stylish addition. Each workshop includes 3 skeins (66 yards each) of Schachenmayr Boston Style yarn in your color choice to complete one hat project. Bright and warm, this yarn handles easily as you work up Marly Bird’s exclusive pattern during Craftsy’s November Crochet-Along!

The workshop includes the pattern, along with in-depth instructions and high quality close-up photos of each step. Yarn will be delivered to you by November 1st, when your workshop access is activated on Craftsy and the surprise is revealed. Plus, Marly will be responding to questions and providing help along the way. With her guidance, beginner and above knitters will be able to participate in and enjoy the workshop. Won’t you join the fun? Learn some new crocheting techniques with this warm winter project from Marly Bird!

*SPOILER* I want to know more…The BIG Reveal

In my family hats are an essential winter-wear accessory. The more hats the merrier and the funkier the hat the happier my kids are (they are 7, 9 and 11). Not to mention all of my friends ask for their own hat to match their coat or gloves or boots or whatever they think might make me see their need to have one of these fantastic and fashionable accessories. Well, since crocheting hats that all look the same is a little boring for both me and my family (we all don’t want to look matchy-matchy) I have found that using a basic hat pattern for the hat itself and then making/adding different embellishments or finishes really allows me to create a variety of truly unique hats! It is a win-win!

Now it is your turn, I am going to share with you my basic hat pattern (shhhh don’t tell anybody). Not only will I share it with you but I will take you along step by step throughout the whole process from beginning with the magic loop to adding ear flaps without seams! Pictures are added to show you precisely what your hat should look like and how to do specific techniques. Not only that, I give you a couple of my tips and tricks to help you in all of your future crocheting adventures.

After you make the hat you have a choice to make: You can just keep the hat as is or add a little something! I show you how to add a mohawk-type fringe that I call the “mane” event, how to add tassels to the ear flaps, how to crochet a flower and how to add corkscrews to the top of the hat. These different embellishments are perfect for the boy, girl, man or woman in your life.

That doesn’t sound too hard does it? Plus, you get me along the way answering your questions. It cannot get much easier than that. Let’s do this!

SIGN UP TODAY for a little holiday fun!

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