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Traditionally we crochet with yarn and make beautiful things but we can crochet with so many other materials as well. Crocheting with leather is a great way to make a bracelet, a wrist strap, a shawl wrap, a keychain, or many other projects. Learn how to make a crochet leather bracelet with me.

Leather Bracelet Materials

Tips for Making Your Bracelet

Sizing Your Bracelet

First you will need to know how long your finished bracelet will be. To figure this out you can use a fabric tape measure to go around your wrist or take your favorite bracelet and measure it.

NOTE: leather does tend to stretch a little bit with wear so be sure to size on the conservative side.

As we will talk about later, you will need to take into account the length of your clasp for the total length of the bracelet.

Working with Leather

You can create this crochet rope easily with yarn or with leather. We are using leather to make this bracelet. Leaving the leather on the spool allows you to adjust the length of your bracelet as you work. If you cut your leather first you might be cutting the leather too short.

Cutting your leather is quite easy. You can use a jewelry wire cutter or a sharp pair of scissors.

Finishing Your Bracelet

Finishing our bracelet will be done with a little super glue and a magnetic clasp. We will talk about this later but is important to note that super glue can leave the leather with a cloudy appearance if you get too much on your piece. Be sure to follow the directions below to keep your bracelet from being ruined by the super glue.

Using a magnetic clasp is a great way to finish off your bracelet. When you opening your magnetic clasp you will want to twist it open vs trying to pull it open. This will help keep your bracelet looking its best for a long time.

How to Make a Crochet Leather Bracelet

Step 1

Start with a slip knot on your hook and chain two with the leather.

Step 2

For this project we will NOT be working into the V as you traditional do with crochet. It will be important to know where the V is on your project as we work.

After you make your first two chains you will work a single crochet into the BUMP at the bottom of your V. For this first stitch it will just be one bump.

Step 3

Once you have created this first stitch you will turn your work and work into TWO BUMPS at the bottom of your V. Repeat step 3 as many times as needed to get the desired length for your bracelet.

Step 4

Measure your bracelet holding the clasp to it so that you are sure the length is correct when you attach your clasp. Once it is the correct length cut the leather and pull through to secure the end as you do with any other crochet project.

Step 5

Add a small amount of super glue to the end of the leather to hold it in place. Only glue on your knot. The gel control glue helps to keep the glue where you put it so that it doesn’t make your leather cloudy.

Pull your ends tight and cut the leather close to the end of the project, leaving a very small tail.

NOTE: It is always better to not add enough glue, you can add more but you can’t really take it away. You want to control the glue so that it doesn’t fog the leather. I prefer to use ultra control gel super glue to help with this process.

Step 6

Put a small amount of super glue into one end of your clasp. Using a toothpick spread the glue around so that it is on the bottom and all of the sides. This will help create a more secure hold. There should be a thin layer of glue inside the claps.

NOTE: Make sure that the layer of glue is thin. You don’t want to have glue oozing out when you add your leather to the clasp.

Insert one end of your leather crochet bracelet into the claps. Push in firmly to make sure that you get it all inside the clasp. You may need to bend or squeeze the end of the leather bracelet to get it inside the clasp.

Step 7:

Making sure that your bracelet is NOT TWISTED repeat step 6 for the other side of your bracelet.

Allow the bracelet to sit for about 24 hours to make sure that the glue is completely dry and will stay in place. Wear your bracelet and ENJOY!

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