Crochet Trapper Hat: Toasty Warm!

Trapper hats sure do have a distinctive look! They all have a shaped top and super-cozy ear flaps that usually tie under the chin. This ultra-cozy Crochet Trapper Hat is a FREE crochet pattern using Red Heart Yarn, found on the Yarnspirations website. But let’s take a closer look at this unique hat style.

This headgear was originally a must for hunters to help protect them from the cold and wind as they searched for their food supply. Since the earflaps were pretty big, they offered solid protection from the elements for a large part of the face and neck.

Trapper hats were also called aviator hats since early pilots also wore them to protect themselves from the bitter wind and weather in older planes with open cockpits.

The earliest versions were handmade from trapper furs. Now, there’s far less likelihood of finding them made from real fur. Many are now constructed with a faux fur lining and a fabric outer rather than the historical styles of real fur and leather.

No matter the fabric, trapper hats are probably one of the warmest hats you can find because they cover such a large area of the face, neck, and head.

Hygge Yarn Crochet Trapper Hat

If you live somewhere super-cold or you always tend to feel cold even when it’s not that chilly outside, then maybe this style is exactly what you need!

You work this crochet trapper hat pattern with both Red Heart Hygge and Hygge Fur. Hygge is the outer, and Hygge fur is the lighter color lining. It’s a one-size-only pattern designed to fit adults. No doubt, this is probably the softest crochet hat you will ever own. Seriously, once you slip on this headgear, you won’t want to take it off! I know I’d love one! Maybe it’ll be my next project.

Download the FREE pattern for the Crochet Trapper Hat!

Download the FREE Crochet Trapper Hat Pattern from Yarnspirations

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