Crochet Bucket Hat Patterns

Bucket hats are trending hard this summer. They’re cute. They’re easy to make. And they keep the sun off of your face. So, no wonder people are enjoying this trend. If you want to get in on the fun, we decided to round up some of the best crochet bucket hat patterns for you.

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What Is a Bucket Hat?

If you aren’t someone who stays up on the trends, which is absolutely okay, then you might not be quite sure what a bucket hat is. You’ve surely seen them, though. If you can picture a “fisherman’s hat,” then you have a good sense of what a bucket hat usually looks like. They’re basically a hat with a wide brim that slopes downward, protecting you from the sun. And since the brim is such a key design component, you can do fun things with it to enhance your personal style.

Bucket hats are usually, but not always, made of cotton. They’re a little bit floppy but they also have a little bit of structure, which makes crochet a perfect technique to craft them. Making small projects like hats during the warmer summer is always great fun, and cotton crochet projects are even better.

The Best Yarn For Crochet Bucket Hats

Although you can make bucket hats from various materials, they’re often crocheted with cotton yarn. Each of the crochet patterns below comes with its own yarn recommendations. Several of them are featured in our recent roundup of the best cotton yarns in every yarn weight. Be sure to check that out!

Best Crochet Bucket Hat Patterns

The bucket hat trend, much like the trend for bodiless knit and crochet sweaters, is a bit controversial. People seem to either love them or hate them! If you’re in the camp that’s all for them; here are some of the best crochet bucket hat patterns to try.

Lily Sun Swirl Bucket Hat Crochet Pattern

swirl bucket hat

This is one of the most classic crochet bucket hat patterns in terms of the shale of the hat itself. It’s got that sort of beanie-but-squared-off-a-little top combined with the wide downward-sloping brim. And yet, it’s got a really original, eye-catching look because it uses color changes to create the swirling, curving design. The fact that the long swirls come from the top of the hat down to the brim in a vertical fashion emphasizes the elongated style of the bucket hat.

You might also want to check out the Lily Summer Stripes crochet bucket hat pattern. It’s got horizontal stripes rather than vertical swirls. It also has a slightly shorter brim, which you may or may not prefer in these hats.

Lily Flower Power Bucket Hat Crochet Pattern

floral crochet granny bucket hat pattern

Crochet bucket hat patterns lend themselves really well to incorporating motifs, particularly granny squares and variations, therefore. You essentially create a row of motifs that you stitch into a circle to create the main body of the hat. You add the crown of the hat and the brim, which makes for a bucket hat style. In the case of this pattern, we have a floral granny square at the center of the design.

If you like this style, you might also want to check out the Red Heart Crochet Granny Bucket Hat. The brim on this one is shorter than most bucket hats, but the style is similar.

Gabby Bucket Hat Crochet Pattern

Gaby hat pattern

This is one of several crochet bucket hat patterns available through WeCrochet. It has a super chic design. They point out that bucket hats were trending in the 1960’s and the 1990’s. Of course, they’re also trending again now. In a sense, they have a timeless design. And with the neutral colors but detailed texture, this one (which you can also wear with the brim rolled up) is a great choice.

Pollinator Bucket Hat Crochet Pattern

Pollinator hat pattern

This is one of the easiest crochet bucket hat patterns. You use simple stitches worked seamlessly in a circle from the top down. You’ll end with a slip stitch round to make the brim look nice and polished. This one has a slightly less dramatic brim than many other bucket hats. However, you could always elongate it if you wanted to do so. Add appliques of your choosing.

The Line Up Bucket Hat Customizable Crochet Patterns

Line Up crochet bucket hat with fringe

If you’re interested in learning how to make bucket hats that you can customize to different lengths, head sizes, and style preferences, then it’s worth checking out The Line Up Bucket Hats. Make one for you, then make a matching one for your child. Make a simple one, or make one like that pictured here, decorated with fancy fringe. You can have a lot of fun with these hats, and this pattern gives you ideas for how.

Cat Ears Bucket Hat Crochet Pattern

cat ears hat crochet pattern

Just because they’re trendy doesn’t mean we must take bucket hats too seriously. They actually make a great hat base for animal hats and other costumes. Add ears and a face, and you’ve got something really fun. For example, here’s a cat ears bucket hat.

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