Crochet Shorts Patterns: Dozens of Modern, Vintage, Long, Short, Easy, Advanced, Cute, Stylish Designs for Your Summer Wardrobe

Every summer, crochet shorts start trending again. They show up on the spring fashion runways. Models and celebrities are captured in photos showing them off. And someone inevitably rediscovers the creative, colorful crochet men’s shorts of Lord Von Schmitt (who is on our list of Top 100 Knit and Crochet Instagrammers.) But where are all of the crochet shorts patterns? Are people really making and wearing crochet shorts? A glance through Instagram shows that they are. And a look through Etsy and Ravelry shows that there are patterns out there in a whole variety of styles.

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best vintage and new crochet
shorts patterns on Etsy

Best Crochet Shorts Designer: DreamCrochetShoppe

Dream Shoppe Crochet best crochet shorts designer

We just have to start by giving a huge shoutout to DreamCrochetShoppe on Etsy. She has such a great array of crochet shorts patterns. There are different styles. Moreover, there are different lengths. She truly offers inclusive designs that flatter different body types. The ones shown above are her Maple Bliss Shorts. But seriously, if you’re looking for great crochet shorts patterns, check out all that she has to offer. She’s also one of our Top 100 Knit and Crochet Instagram Influencers because her work and her photos are all amazing.

Vintage Crochet Shorts Patterns

What’s old is often new again in the crochet world. There are some really fun, funky, colorful, interesting crochet shorts patterns in vintage magazines. And there are folks who have updated those patterns to make them available for sale through sites like Etsy.

Scroll down if you want to see our collection of more modern crochet shorts patterns, but we wanted to share these with you because they’re cute and fun. Even if they aren’t your personal style, it’s neat to look back at those designs.

Granny Squares and Stripes Shorts

Granny squares and granny stripes were particularly popular in the late 1960’s and through the 1970’s. Of course, they’re still popular today. But when you look back at crochet shorts from that era, you’re going to see a lot of them. Here are some of those vintage designs.

Bikini Top With Granny Square Shorts

vintage thread crochet bikini pattern with granny square shorts

You can actually use this pattern to make an entire swimsuit. There’s a bikini top as well as cheeky granny square crochet bikini shorts. It’s a vintage 1970’s crochet pattern worked in cotton crochet thread.

Floral Granny Tank and Shorts Vintage Pattern Set

This 1970’s crochet shorts pattern uses a variation on a granny square. Switch the colors out for a complementary crochet tank top.

Summer of Love Crochet Shorts

summer of love crochet shorts vintage patterns

Granny striped shorts. Additionally, crochet shorts with a granny square pocket. Classic Summer of Love crochet style.

Overall Shorts and Rompers

Granny Square Crochet Shortalls

1971 crochet shortalls pattern with granny squares

Even if you don’t think you could pull off this style, isn’t it a delight to take a look at it. And really its perfect summer festival wear if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s a 1971 pattern with admittedly limited sizing options.

1970’s All-in-One Crochet Jumpsuit

1970's crochet shorts jumpsuit pattern

This is a UK pattern so make sure you pay attention to that if you’re a US crocheter who decides to craft this one. Here’s a chart if you need more info on that.

Vintage Crochet Kitten Suit

Vintage Crochet Kitten Suit

Need we say more?!

Vintage Crochet Shorts with Matching Tops

Can you wear a whole outfit in crochet? These vintage patterns say yes.

Crop Tank and Pocket Shorts

crochet crop tank and pocket shorts vintage pattern

Not quite granny squares. Also not quite a romper. And yet it’s got the flavor of both, right? The geometric design on this matching tank and shorts is so cute. And who doesn’t love a crochet shorts pattern with pockets?! This is a 1970’s vintage pattern written for three sizes.

Crochet Tank with Matching Shorts and Pants

vintage thread crochet tank top, shorts, and pants pattern

This is a 3-in-1 vintage crochet pattern. There’s a crochet crop tank with unique side closures. Then you can either make the crochet shorts or the crochet pants to match. Or both. It’s a 1970s crochet pattern.

Matching Bolero, Shorts, and Crochet Skirt Pattern

vintage crochet bolero, shorts, skirt patterns

These are exactly the kinds of vintage crochet patterns that make it fun to look back at the past styles. Can’t you see tweaking this to wear today?!

Vintage 1970’s Crochet Outfit Patterns

Vintage 1970's crochet outfit patterns with shorts

Loving that skirt over shorts idea? It was a trend. This is actually a vintage pattern set of six outfits to knit and crochet. It includes several crochet shorts options.

Crochet Swimsuit, Shorts, Waistcoat

Crochet Swimsuit, Shorts, Waistcoat

Here’s another variation on a summer crochet outfit from the 1970’s. First, crochet the bikini top. Then, cover. it with the waistcoast. Lastly, add the shorts. Of course, if you’re just looking for a vintage crochet shorts pattern, then this will do as well.

Modern Crochet Shorts Patterns

Obviously, vintage shorts aren’t the only crochet shorts patterns out there. In fact, yarn has come a long way since the decades when some of those older shorts were designed. As a result, there are some really flattering size-inclusive, beautiful crochet shorts patterns from contemporary designers.

Casual, Comfy Crochet Shorts For Everyone

These crochet shorts patterns are designed as basic comfy shorts. You can wear them in a variety of summer settings. They’re suitable for different ages and sizes. Make them in neutral colors, denim hues or bold choices depending upon your preference.

Beginner-Friendly Crochet Shorts

These crochet shorts are terrific for so many reasons. They’re a beginner-friendly design. The vertical waist compared to the rest of the shorts’ texture creates a flattering effect on the tummy. Additionally, the dense closed-stitch texture is perfect since you don’t want see-through shorts. These can be cuffed up for length and style preferences. Moreover, they have a great easy drawstring closure. Sizes XS – XXL, pattern includes video tutorial.

Bobble Crochet Beach Shorts

This is labeled as a vintage shorts crochet pattern. However, the date isn’t listed. It looks contemporary. Either way, those bobble stitches add a unique touch to make really cute shorts!

bobble crochet beach shorts pattern

Cabled Crochet Hight Waist Shorts Pattern

cabled crochet shorts pattern

What makes this crochet shorts pattern unique is the cabling on the sides. This gives you a chance to practice more advanced crochet techniques as you craft. Moreover, it adds vertical lines to the shorts, which creates a more flattering look.

Easy Crochet Shorts Pattern with Pockets

Easy Crochet Shorts Pattern with Pockets

Here’s another crochet shorts pattern from the same designer as the cabled shorts shown above. What creative designs right? This one has pockets!

Retro-Inspired Striped Short Shorts

crochet short shorts pattern by EvelynAndPeter

These shorts draw their inspiration from vintage / retro crochet shorts patterns. However, they’re a modern design. Intended to be made with stripes, you can also crochet these short shorts in a solid color if you prefer. Like many other crochet shorts, a drawstring closure keeps them secure on the body. These are high rise, worsted weight shorts, sized XS – 2XL.

Fun in the Sun Crochet Shorts

Fun in the Sun Shorts Pattern on Etsy

You might notice that several of these crochet shorts patterns have a similar basic design. Why? Because it works! It’s not easy to make flattering crochet shorts, so when designers figure out things that work, they stick with it. For example, you’ll again see here the vertical striped waist with the horizontal stitched body and the drawstring closure. However, each design has its own unique features as well. The way the drawstring attaches, combined with the beads added to it, make this a special one. This is a size-inclusive design with nearly a dozen sizes from XS – 5X.

Embroidered Elastic Crochet Shorts Pattern

Embroidered Elastic Crochet Shorts Patterns

Drawstring closures aren’t your only option when it comes to crochet shorts. These are designed with an elastic waist. Of course, many of us find that more comfortable. Another fun thing about these is that they’ve got embroidered flowers on them. Three sizes S, M, L.

Shell Stitch Crochet Shorts

shell stitch crochet shorts pattern

You can use a variety of different stitch patterns to make cute crochet shorts. For example, these use the shell stitch. It’s a closed-enough design that it works for shorts without baring all. And yet, it’s a visually interesting stitch pattern. This crochet shorts pattern comes in seven sizes from. XS – 3X.

Crochet Loungewear Shorts Outfit

Crochet loungewear pattern. -shorts and sweater set

In the colors shown, this looks like a retro outfit. However, you can make it in a variety of colors to get different effects. Either way, you get a terrific loungewear pattern – crochet shorts with a matching sweater that’s perfect for your “Netflix and chill” days.

Daisy Bell Crochet Shorts

floral crochet granny square shorts

Granny squares aren’t just a vintage design, Everyone who crochets wants to learn how to crochet a granny square. And when you change up the center and the colors, you get very chic modern designs. In this case, you have pastel floral shorts that are perfect for summer. They’re accented with a scalloped edge for a nice feminine touch. This is a JAYGO pattern.

Color Blocked Crochet Shorts

Color blocked crochet shorts pattern

These are called the Crayola Shorts because of those great bright colors. The design also takes advantage of the popular color blocking trend. The pattern is soft, washable, durable, and comfortable. Sized S – L with instructions for sizing up as needed.

Summer Crochet Hot Pants Pattern

Summer crochet hot pants pattern

This is a really smart design. All of the important parts are covered up with those dense closed stitches. But then you get the openwork stitches around it for that easy-breezy summer feeling. The high waist adds to a flattering fit.

Bikini-Shorts-Pants 3-in-1 Crochet Pattern!

3-in-1 crochet shorts and pants pattern for the beach

This has got to be one of the most genius designs out there. Why? Because it’s a pattern for terrific flowing crochet summer pants. However, you can stop after specific rows to instead make either bikini-shorts or boxer-style shorts. That portion of the design is made from yarn that’s safe to go in the water, making these truly the best beach pattern ever.

Cheeky Crochet Shorts Patterns

Not all of us want to wear cheeks-bearing shorts. However, there’s a market for them. If you’re looking for crochet shorts that you can wear as swim shorts, then you might want these. If you’re looking for something you can use just to tan in your own yard, you might like this. Or if you’re just young and bold and daring and want to wear cheeky shorts, then these patterns might appeal to you.

Granny Stitch Cheeky Shorts

Granny stripes crochet cheeky shorts pattern

The granny stitch worked in rows can make for a great retro-inspired design. These cheeky shorts are fairly see-through. Therefore, they’re designed to wear over swimsuit bottoms. This is an advanced beginner or intermediate crochet pattern.

Cheeky Crochet Beach Shorts

cheeky crochet beach shorts

Here’s another example of very cheeky crochet shorts. People who are seeking beach shorts to wear over their swim bottoms will definitely like something like this. Available for four sizes XS – L.

Bikini Bottom Crochet Shorts

bikini bottoms crochet shorts pattern

These are super cheeky crochet shorts. They have a very openwork design. But they’re beautiful. So line them, or wear them with swim shorts underneath. Enjoy!

Daisy Flower Crochet Shorts

floral daisy crochet shorts patterns

These are honestly somewhere in between “regular” shorts and “cheeky shorts”. What’s great is they are motif-based. Therefore, you could adapt them to be longer if you wanted. So, we wanted to wrap up the roundup with these because they’re super versatile. Plus, aren’t they super cute for summer? We can see so many ways to style these!

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