Crochet Jewelry-Making a Crochet Bracelet

While searching for great stocking stuffer ideas for our annual post I found this great company that makes crochet jewelry. After getting to chat we were sent a kit to test out and share with you. These are a great little gift to you use your skills to make something different for those you care about.

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About Mudeno

Romy, the owner behind Mudeno, is from Germany and has amazing crochet skills.

Mudeno began during Romy’s college years and when she was pregnant with her first son. With the help of the internet, she taught myself to knit and crochet and attempted her first projects. As we all know how easy it is to catch, Romy caught the crochet bug.

During her second pregnancy is when she really got into crocheting again. Like most of us, she started to wonder what she should do with all of the finished projects. After digging out one of the bracelets she crochet years ago she improved it and started to sell on Etsy.

Romy takes pride in the fact that her jewelry surprises some people and that an “old craft” like crocheting can be made modern through the pieces of jewelry she makes.

About the Kit

Inside your kit you will find the materials that you need to complete the project. For our review I was working on the crochet bangle kit. The kit is customizable where you get to select the two colors that you want for your bracelet. I choose gray and a light purple because I wanted to go neutral but didn’t want to sacrifice all of the color.

Also included in my package was the two bangles needed to complete the project. The only thing not included is the crochet hook, but I am sure we all have a ton of those laying around. Speaking of the packaging, Romy really takes the time to show you how much pride she has in her work and kits. From the special card used for a yarn bobbin to the great little envelope that the the kit comes in, you know that this was put together with love.

Sample Kit of Mudeno Bracelets

I will admit that it took me a few attempts to get started. Typically I work with worsted weight yarn, so switching to crochet thread took me a minute to get my tension right. For this project I started a round of stitches on the bangle and then worked the rest of my rows. At the end I worked the final row connecting my work to the second bangle.

I love the finished piece and know that I will wear it often. It is a great way for me to share my love of yarn and crochet in my wardrobe year round without needing a shawl or scarf. I encourage you to head over to the Mudeno Etsy shop and search around for kits and finished items that inspire you.

Shop Mudeno Made's shop for kits and finished products

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