Unisex Crochet Hat with Brim Free Pattern: One-Ball Hat with Messy Bun Hat Option

You’re looking for an interesting crochet hat project. Perhaps you want a go-to crochet hat pattern for gifts, to give to charity, or to work up in different colors for yourself. This one has so many features that make it a smart go-to hat. First of all, it’s a unisex crochet pattern. Second, it’s got an easy-to-make brim, which is unique for a crochet hat. Third, it’s a one-ball crochet project. And finally, you have the option to make it a typical closed hat or an open messy bun hat. So, it’s very versatile, interesting, and works well for those balls of yarn that you already have at home to work with. Here’s more information about this crochet hat with brim free pattern.

Unisex Crochet Hat Pattern

Of course, people of any gender can wear any hat that they choose. But, certainly, some hats are designed with women in mind. On the other hand, some hats are designed for a typical men’s style. This crochet hat with brim free pattern is specifically designed as a gender-neutral option for any adult. It’s basically like a baseball cap … except a whole lot cozier and cuter.

Can We Talk About That Brim?

The brim of this crochet hat is the reason that people are drawn to this design. Of course, the hat itself has terrific texture and fit. Without the brim, it would still make a cute beanie. However, the brim sets it apart from other crochet hat patterns. Even those patterns that have a brim usually require some extra work to stiffen it and get the shape right. Not so with this crochet hat with brim free pattern. Strategic use of smart, but easy, stitches makes it super simple to create this brim right on the beanie. Learn more:

One-Ball Crochet Hat Pattern

It’s always smart to bookmark a selection of your favorite one ball projects. We all have an extra ball of yarn here and there. (Some of us have them everywhere.) So, it’s nice to just be able to grab that ball, pull up a pattern, and quickly work up a satisfying project. This crochet hat with brim free pattern calls for just one ball of yarn.

Specifically, you’ll use one ball of Red Heart With Love. This is a super soft worsted weight acrylic yarn that you can machine wash and dry. It comes in a huge range of different solid colors. Therefore, you can easily make this hat to match any part of your wardrobe. Worked in the blue, it truly works for almost anyone.

Messy Bun Hat Option

Both men and women like to throw their hair up in a bun these days. Therefore, I’ve created this pattern with a messy bun option. In other words, if you want to, you can leave a strategic hole at the top of the crochet hat. This gives you the look of the baseball cap but with a hole to easily pull that bun through. On the other hand, if you prefer a closed hat, then you’ll find instructions for that option as well. This really is a pattern that you can adjust to meet your own style desires.

Crochet Hat With Brim Free Pattern: More Details

Here are a few more things you might want to know about this crochet pattern:

  • You’ll use a size H crochet hook.
  • The hat’s texture comes from working through one loop only as well as from working with post stitches.
  • The detailed instructions along with video tutorial support should make it easy for you to work this hat pattern.

Get The Crochet Hat With Brim Free Pattern

You can find the pattern right here on the site. It’s also available to add to your Ravelry library.

how to crochet a hat with a brim

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