Crochet Animal Pillow Book Review

I’m here today to share with you a really fun new book of crochet stuffed animals. These aren’t just regular stuffed animals, though. These are animal-shaped pillows. It’s always fun to make a unique twist on something right? So why make a typical animal when you can make huggable crochet animal pillow projects instead?!

Fun Animal Pillows by Kristi Simpson

Inside Fun Animal Pillows you will find 9 crochet animal pillow patterns. These are designed so that you can stitch them for little ones. However, you can also make these for teens or even for yourself. They make surprisingly cute decor, not just for nurseries, but also for living room couches. And they’re great car pillows, too. As a result, these crochet animal pillow patterns make great birthday gifts, baby shower gifts or surprise gifts just to say I love you! Learn more about the book and what you can find inside its covers below.

Inside The Crochet Animal Pillow Book

crochet animal pillows books

Opening the covers of Fun Animal Pillows, you will find 9 different cute and cuddly patterns. I love that each of these patterns uses simple stitches and shaping to create the finished piece. You don’t have to do anything very complicated. Nevertheless, you come up with beautiful, interesting projects in the end.

Many times with traditional amigurumi, I get frustrated with having to join the different pieces together. They are small items and can be fiddly. With these patterns you get a great love-able item on a large scale. No fiddliness. Just huggability.

Tip: Make It Even Bigger

All of the crochet patterns in this book are designed for worsted weight yarn and a size H crochet hook. However, if you choose a super bulky yarn or you hold 2-3 strands of worsted weight yarn together, then you can make a much bigger body-pillow sized animal. Of course, you’ll want to go up to a larger hook size if you do that. Check out our yarn weight chart for recommended hook sizes.

Gender-Neutral, Color-Friendly Patterns

Patterns in this book can all be gender neutral. Change up the colors that you use for each crochet animal pillow and you can customize it to fit the child’s room or their personal preferences. There are also a great way to use up some of your scraps within the pieces.

Grab a copy of this book today so that you can make one of these great patterns for your next child gift.

The Animals in This Book

Every child has their own favorite animal, of course. With nine patterns to choose from, hopefully you can find the one that’s exactly right to make for the child that you have in mind. A few examples of animals featured in this book are a giraffe, a bunny, an elephant, an owl, a fox, and a classic crochet teddy bear.

Purchase A Copy of This Crochet Animal Pillow Book

crochet stuffed animals pilow

Want to add this book to your crochet library? You can purchase a copy on Amazon or directly through Leisure Arts. It’s an affordable book that you’ll have the opportunity to keep working with again and again. After all, there’s always going to be someone in your life who needs a pillow to hug. It’s a great way to show them that you care with a personalized present that just might last a lifetime.

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