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Creativebug has a free seven day trial for any of its subscription levels. Honestly, Creativebug is one of the best platforms for art and craft classes because they have a lot of great teachers but also a HUGE variety of different things that you can learn. I teach both knitting and crochet through Creativebug, and I love that I’ve been able to offer instructional techniques to people on this platform. They regularly offer varied discounts to new members. Therefore, you have the opportunity to check them out at no or low cost at any time. It’s well worth it!

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click the link and take advantage of the deal, I make a little bit of money off of the sale. In fact, it benefits me even if you just sign up for the free trial. I honestly think you’ll like the platform. But if after 60 days you decide that you don’t, you can cancel, pay nothing, and it still helps me out a lot. So please consider checking out the free trial.

What is Creativebug?

If you aren’t familiar with Creativebug then you’re missing out. It’s a platform for artists, makers, crafters and other creative people. It’s a place where you can learn new crafts. You can also learn new techniques in a craft that you already love, such as knitting or crochet. If you sign up for a membership, then you get unlimited access to their art and craft classes. Classes are go-at-your-own pace and never expire. It’s a great season to learn something new, so why not check it out?

Creativebug Free Trial

They offer different deals all of the time. However, you can pretty much always at least get a free trial. For seven days, you can access the entire website for free. After that, you determine whether you want to get the Unlimited or Unlimited Plus membership. Even the most expensive membership is less than $10 per month. And you can get it for practically half that if you pay a full year in advance. This is a really low price for unlimited online art and craft classes across diverse disciplines.

Check Out the Daily Practice Craft Sessions

Creativebug has been around for nine years so they’ve got a lot of amazing content. Five years ago, Creativebug started launching an inspirational series called Daily Practice. Just as the name suggests, they send members a daily dose of creative inspiration almost every single day.

Why Sign Up For Daily Practice:

  • It’s a great way to get inspired to be creative. Those little inspirational reminders, tips, and ideas can really get your crafty juices flowing.
  • You’ll get the chance to explore a wide range of creative practices. Even if you love to knit and crochet, you might find that trying your hand at other crafts is fun as well.
  • This is a terrific way to jumpstart your craft energy. Daily Practice is a way to develop the habit of crafting. It’s a way to remind yourself to make space for craft every day. That is so valuable for us on so many levels.
  • WHY NOT? GET ACCESS NOW. You can try it and see if you like it.

What Else Creativebug Offers

You get an amazing amount of stuff with your Creativebug account. Creative experts across a range of different industries produce new classes for your daily. In addition to knitting, and crochet, you can find craft classes for other fiber arts including macrame, weaving, and embroidery. You can also explore other art and craft classes from painting to paper projects.

Plus Creativebug gives you access to:

  • CBTV featuring documentary-style insight into artists and their processes
  • Community galleries for inspiration
  • Community forums for connecting and sharing
  • Downloads: patterns, recipes, and templates
  • Lookbooks for inspiration and ideas

Marly Bird’s Creativebug Classes

You can learn more about Creativebug by listening to the YarnThing podcast episode we did. As you’ll see when you click over to that post, I’ve got a variety of classes that you can take through Creativebug.

You can use my classes to learn how to make a colorblock crochet sweater or a crochet shawl, knit or crochet cardigans, make Christmas stockings with cables, or practice Entrelac knitting. Since the time of that podcast post, I’ve added another six classes to Creativebug. You can join me to learn cabled crochet, beaded knitting, broomstick lace and so much more.

MarlyBird craft classes

And, of course, those are just my classes. There are lots of other great instructors as well teaching a wide range of art and craft classes. It’s a terrific chance to try something new, which expands your brain and makes you feel good about yourself. Sign up to try Creativebug now!

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