Craft Yarn Council’s Mary Colucci

Craft Yarn Council’s Mary Colucci joined us for a special MONDAY edition of the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird, because sometimes we need to Make Someone’s Monday! Did this make yours?

Stitch Away Stress (1)

Mary Colucci is Executive Director of the Craft Yarn Council which is in organization trade organization that represents the larger publishers and consultants in the yarn industry. She came to this from her career in publishing and through TNNA. Primarily CYC’s goal is to keep the craft alive and to teach future generations.

One of the first program was to certify teachers of knitting and crocheters. Currently they work with Michael’s stores to have certified teachers leading classes at a local level.MaryColucci

I Love Yarn Day is a special event organized by the Craft Yarn Council, happening in the fall when all the new yarns are often introduced and includes knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners… everyone who loves fiber. It’s hoped that participants gather with others to celebrate their love of yarn! Since the beginnings four years ago they heard so many about the health benefits that they have begun…

#StitchAwayStress campaign, collecting stories and sharing the evidence that proves we are Healthier and Happier because we knit or crochet. We know that we feel creative when we are working with yarn, but we also find our confidence boosted, stress is relieved and we find we can concentrate better. Those with chronic illness/pain find those symptoms are eased and slows loss of memory. During the month of April, you can enter to win prizes and Twinkie Chan has created a cute little Lemon Stress Ball — there is patterns for that in knit and crochet with a video about it! Other programs include a Teens Learn to Knit or Crochet and Warm-Up America.

Marly asked how does Mary stitch away stress? She revealed that end the day she finds working a few rows of her projects helps her de-stress, but taking it to work and while waiting for appointments also helps.

If you weren’t able to join us LIVE, you can still listen to the archived recording at or in iTunes.



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  1. JUNE THO. MPSON says:

    Hi Mary!!!! OMG! You are looking great girl.
    I happened to purchase a ‘How To’ book today on crocheting. I have tried before but never mastered the art and want to give it one more try Imagine my surprise when I saw the TNNA logo on the front of the booklet….and your name on the masthead page as Tech. Advisor.
    I am still on the west coast but in WA state now for the past 20 or so years. Move up here with my partner of 35 years, Dan. I’ve had many wonderful experiences with Dan and have worked in publishing and for a variety of companies using my artistic abilities and always look back at my days in NYC at Sew Business Magazine with fondness. You guys were great! But now I’m semi-retired these days so hope to finally get this crochet thing mastered
    Glad you are well and keeping busy. I’m on facebook and will try to find you.
    June (Thompson) aka JOON

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