What You Might Have Missed This Week: Craft Links and The News in Knitting and Crochet

For a few weeks we were doing weekend roundups of knit and crochet news. Then things got busy and life took over and we took a pause. Additionally, we aren’t entirely sure if you love these roundups or not. What we hope is that they give you a chance to discover the craft links that you might not have had time to find yourself throughout the week. So let us know if this is working for you. Give us your feedback in the comments, on Facebook, or on Instagram. That way we know if we should keep rounding up craft links and news for you each weekend.

This Week’s Must-Read in Craft Links

If you only go read one full article that we link to here today, make it this one. It’s a beautiful bio of a 71-year-old knitter. She had a really rough life, and she found that knitting was “her salvation.” She’s done some amazing knitting over the years. Runways around the world have featured her work, calling her the Queen of Knitting. The article discusses the problems of fast fashion. Moreover, it shows how the knitter recycles items and takes an intentionally eco-conscious approach to her work. Even if you don’t read the article – which you should – go look at the photos of some of her stunning work.

Ernesto Neto’s Huge Crochet Art Installation

Ernesto Neto is a Brazilian crochet artist. He works on big installations that he’s displayed all around the world. They’re essentially these huge, intricate, colorful crochet nets. It would probably be amazing to see one in person. The newest one, titled SunForceOceanLife, is on display in Houston. And it’s interactive – you can actually walk through the netting. It’s very reminiscent of Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdams’ crochet playgrounds.

The Hand Knit Wedding Dress

One of the most viral craft links this week was news about a hand knit wedding dress. Esther Andrews knit her own wedding dress. She did most of her knitting during her commute on the subway. And since she’s active on TikTok, people paid attention. If you have anything related to “knitting” set up on your news or Google alerts then chances are that you already saw this craft news because it was everywhere!

Craft Links: Crochet as Fashion

Every spring and summer, fashion magazines and blogs start talking about how crochet is trending. Obviously there are also summer knits. However, it’s as if fashionistas suddenly get surprised again each year that crochet is still hot. Related craft links:

Olympics Knitting and Crochet

If you love the Olympics, then you might already know that British Diver Tom Daley is a knitter and crocheter. His husband had seen people doing the crafts to pass the time and suggested it to Daley who was on pause during the COVID break. He’s crafted everything from swim trunks to cat couches. He designed his first pattern for sale. And “n more humanitarian endeavors, he made a blanket for a boy named Jake, who has a rare genetic mutation called PCH-pontocerebellar Hypoplasia causing shrinking of the brain.”


Speaking of the Olympics, have you signed up to get your BiCrafty Games box so you can do the KAL-CAL with us while we watch this year?

Craft Links: Communities of Knitters and Crocheters

  • Meet Needles and Pins. This is a profile of a community craft group. They note that it feels good to make things that help other people. We love that they talk about how therapeutic the group is. But our favorite line: “Mary is fondly known as “the Ripper” for holding the record for ripping out the most crochet stitches of the group, and proudly tells of the “Ripper” T-shirt she has verifying her title.”
  • Salem News did an article about a group of cancer survivors who meeet up to craft together. Crafting helps a lot of us get through very tough things. So do our craft communities.
  • A group crocheting remembrance poppies exceeded their 10,000 poppies goal by twice that amount.
  • French immigrants knit large Israeli flag in honor of COVID victims.

Other Craft Links

Here are a few of the other things you might have missed this week:

Make Sure You Didn’t Miss

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