Coffee Shop Knitting Groups with Red Heart Patterns

Knitting and Crocheting in public has become a big deal in the past few years. More and more I am seeing people pulling out their current WIP in public locations and chatting with others about what they are working on. One of the places that is most common to find others working a project is the local coffee shop. Coffee shop kitting is a great way to meet others that enjoy the craft like you.

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FREE Coffee & Yarning eBook

Red Heart designers have been working hard to put together a collection of fashion ideas that we actually like to wear. These sweaters and accessories are a perfect balance of the look that we want while considering the way that we live each day and the places we go.

When photographing this collection they went to their local coffee shop, Amelie’s. The photos that they got from the shoot are beautiful and show off each piece in a way that makes you want to pick up your hooks and needles and get started right away.

In this round up you will see all 12 patterns included in the FREE ebook, along with links and material lists for the patterns. These are the perfect projects to make and wear for your next coffee shop knitting date. Which one will you start on first?

Coffee Shop Ebook Patterns:

FREE Knitting Pattern-Cabled Pompom HatCabled Pompom Hat

Designed By: Edie Eckman


Download the FREE Cabled Pompom Hat pattern

FREE pattern Tunisian Lace PonchoTunisian Lace Poncho

Designed By: Jamie Swiatek


Download the FREE Tunisian Lace Poncho pattern

FREE Pattern Two-Rectangle SweaterTwo-Rectangle Sweater

Designed By: Marty Miller


Download the FREE Two-Rectangle Sweater pattern

FREE pattern Two Rectangle CardiganTwo-Rectangle Cardigan

Designed By: Marty Miller


Download the FREE Two-Rectangle Cardigan pattern

FREE pattern Morning Coffee Car CoatMorning Coffee Car Coat

Designed By: Stacey Gerbman


Download the FREE Morning Coffee Car Coat pattern

FREE Pattern Kaleidoscope ShawlKaleidoscope Shawl

Designed By: Sara Kay Hartmann


Download the FREE Kaleidoscope Shawl Pattern

Free Video Tutorial Too!

FREE pattern Cable Knit SweaterCable Knit Sweater

Designed By: Merri Fromm


Download the FREE Cable Knit Sweater pattern

FREE Pattern Be True Knit cowlBe True Knit Cowl

Designed By: Michele Wilcox


Download the FREE Be True Knit Cowl pattern

FREE pattern Half Moon ScarfHalf Moon Scarf

Designed By: Michele Wilcox


Download the FREE Half Moon Scarf pattern

FREE pattern Lacy Knit Cup CozyLacy Knit Cup Cozy

Designed By: Cassandra Bibler


Download the FREE Lacy Knit Cup Cozy Pattern

FREE pattern Zigzag Crochet Cup CozyZigzag Crochet Cup Cozy

Designed By: Cassandra Bibler


Download the FREE Zigzag Crochet Cup Cozy Pattern

FREE pattern Tanya TunicTanya Tunic

Designed By: Tammy Hildebrand


Download the FREE Tanya Tunic Pattern

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  1. BarbaraAnn says:

    I am in southern Texas, RGV. Do you know of any where in this area that people get together? Maybe start one myself.

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