Caron Cake Shop Yarn | 50+ Crochet Patterns

Are you a crafter looking for new and exciting projects? With Caron Cake Shop Yarn, you can breathe life into any project with bold colors and vibrant textures. These cakes of yarn offer the ultimate convenience in working with multiple skeins at once. If this has piqued your interest, read on!

Let’s dive into what Caron Cake Shop yarn is, what makes it special, where you can get it, and what makes it great for beginners. Oh, and some tips you need to know before you start a new project. AND, ✨here are more than 50 patterns✨ from some of the best designers on the internet.

Let’s start on this delicious yarn journey of knitting and crochet possibilities. Get creative with these spectacularly yummy-looking cakes of sheer delight!

Read more: Caron Cake Shop Yarn | 50+ Crochet Patterns

What is Caron Cake Shop Yarn?

Caron Cake Shop Yarn is a popular yarn brand among knitters and crocheters due to its unique, self-striping colors. It also has an incredibly soft, high-quality texture. The original Caron Cake yarn is made of a blend of acrylic and wool fibers. This makes it both durable and comfortable to wear. Sold exclusively in Michaels Craft stores, Caron Cake Shop yarns now include all acrylic and cotton blends!

What makes Caron Cake Shop Yarn Special?

One of the standout features of Caron Cake Shop Yarn is its carefully curated color selection. It’s designed to create gradient effects, with each skein featuring complementary colors that blend beautifully whether knitted or crocheted. This long color change self-striping effect adds a stunning visual dimension to any project. It’s a great choice for creating eye-catching accessories such as shawls, scarves, hats, and blankets.

In addition to its color selection, Caron Cake Shop Yarn is also known for its soft and luxurious feel. Acrylic fibers in the yarn makes it easy-care, while wool content adds warmth and softness to finished pieces. This material combination also means Caron Cake Shop Yarn is both lightweight and cozy. This makes it ideal for creating garments and accessories that are both comfortable and stylish.

Bitmoji of Marly icing a cake - Marly Bird Caron Cake Shop yarn

What are some of the Caron Cake Yarns available at Michaels?

The Caron Cake Shop Yarn is available only at Michaels. Over the years, there have been a variety of yarns in the overall collection. At this time, these are the ones you can find at your local Michaels or online.

Each yarn features a different color selection, fiber content, and weight. You choose the perfect yarn for your project. Additionally, Caron Cake Shop Yarns come in convenient cakes which makes it easy to begin crafting without worrying about winding.

Caron Cake Shop Yarns Great for Beginners

Choosing the right colors for a project can be a daunting task for beginner crocheters and knitters. With so many shades of basic yarn available, it’s often difficult to know which ones will work well together. Fortunately, Caron Cake Shop Yarn offers an easy solution with its carefully curated color selection that creates beautiful gradient effects.

This cake yarn’s long-color-changing self-striping effect adds stunning visual depth to any project. There’s no fuss over multiple skeins of different colored yarns or worry about hues clashing. Plus, there’s fewer ends to weave in (or bury in).

Yummy Texture…

The variety of textures, fibers, and weights makes the Caron Cake Shop Yarns a great choice for beginners. With different fiber content options such as acrylic, wool, cotton blends, and more, there’s something suitable for any project. All these features make Caron Cake Shop Yarns an ideal choice for those just starting on their crafting journey!!

Tips for Crocheting Caron Cakes Crochet Patterns

This yarn is like any other yarn in that you can crochet or knit with it. But here are some things you might consider before you start a large project.

  • Because of the long color-changing nature of this yarn, you want to make sure you get the same dye lot of yarn when you purchase enough for a project. Be aware, that even in the same dye lot, yarn could be displayed in the opposite direction. Amanda Crochets did a yarn review that demonstrated this perfectly. If you have cake yarn wound this way, try to begin the new cake at the same point in the established color sequence. This continues the color striping.
Shades of green Caron Cake Shop Yarn

Colors, Knots, & More…

  • You might come across a knot in your yarn that breaks up the color sequence. Yes, it is frustrating but it happens. CUT OUT THE KNOT – never work a knot into your work! Rejoin the yarn at approximately the same point in the color sequence as you would above.
  • Don’t want the colors to transition on their own? No problem! Cut each color out of the cake and wind them into their own little balls of yarn. Now, you have a collection of perfectly curated colors that you can use for colorwork in your own style.
  • The Caron Cake Shop yarn has different washing instructions depending on the fiber content. A good rule of thumb is this…
    • Make a gauge swatch with the same hook or needles you’ll use on the actual project and Caron Cake Yarn.
    • Wash that gauge swatch in the manner recommended on the label or in the manner you plan on washing your finished project.
    • This way you can see how well the fabric tension and fiber will hold up to the stitch pattern and washing before you invest time in a large project.

What Can I Crochet with Caron Cake Shop Yarn?

With Caron Cake Shop Yarn, you can crochet or knit a range of beautiful and unique projects. Cozy crochet shawls, scarves, crochet beanies, crochet hats, blankets, crochet bags, and more. There’s loads of easy crochet patterns you can choose from. Really – there’s something for everyone! The carefully curated colors of the yarn make it easy to create stunning gradient effects, perfect for adding visual depth.

I love to use these yarns in a way that allows the yarn to shine and be the star. The first project I ever made with Caron cake yarn was a fantastic poncho for the first Turkey Trot in 2019. Both the knitting pattern and the crochet pattern used the Caron Latte Cake yarn and simple stitches. To this day, I wear these ponchos all the time!

Caron Cake Shop Yarn - Latte Cakes - First Tournament of Stitches Projects - knit poncho in blue, crochet poncho in gray and yellow - Marly Bird

Caron Cake Shop Yarn Crochet Patterns from Top Designers

I’ve asked my designer friends to share with me all the wonderful patterns they’ve designed using the Caron Cake Yarns. There’s a wonderful variety of projects to choose from, so take some time and check out all of them!

More Than 50 Caron Cake Shop Yarn Patterns

Collection of Crochet (and Tunisian Crochet) patterns that are made with Caron Cake Shop yarn or could be made with cake shop yarn.

Check out this amazing list of crochet designs with both free crochet patterns and ad-free pdf purchase options.

More Caron Cake Shop Yarn Patterns from Marly Bird?

Over the next several months I’ll be releasing several patterns for crochet and knitting using Caron Cake Shop yarns. I have a knit cardigan with pockets made with Caron Cotton Cakes. Try a new Crochet Shawl with Caron Blossom Cakes. Make a new summer cover-up made with Caron Cotton Ripple Cakes. Or try a new cowl made with Caron Latte Cakes. And there’s much more on the way. So stay tuned.

I just can’t get enough of this amazing yarn. What do you want to see me make next?

At Marly Bird we've curated a whole collection of crochet patterns using Caron Cake Shop Yarns to help you create the perfect project - from easy crochet shawls to intricate crochet scarves, from simple triangle shawls to luxurious prayer shawls! Many of these patterns are made with basic stitches, so even beginners can feel creative when making crocheted scarves, crochet hats, and rectangle shawls. Visit the blog to get these modern, paid for and free crochet patterns - Marly Bird

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