Coziest Cable Knit Cardigan Patterns

The cable knit cardigan is trending hard this winter. It’s no surprise really. Cardigans are always a cozy choice. You can layer them and add accessories, dress them up or dress them down. Both men and women look spiffy in knit cardigans. And when you specifically add cables, you get all of the texture, design, and warmth of a contemporary handmade design. Here are some of our favorite cable knit cardigan patterns.

Hidden Pocket Steeked Knit Cardigan

steeked knit cardigan with cables

It was so much fun to design this cable knit cardigan pattern for the spring 2021 KAL earlier this year. You can now access the free pattern at Yarnspirations. Some of the things you’ll love besides the cables are the hidden pocket, the thumbholes, and the chance to use steeking.

Nottingham Sweater Knit Pattern

mens cable knit cardigan pattern

This is knit cable cardigan designed for men. It makes a terrific gift for the guys in your life. And, of course, you might also find that it’s cozy as a unisex design. Originally published in the Winter 2013 issue of Love of Knitting, you can know get the pattern through Ravelry. The cables are easy, and the cardigan is so cozy.

Trail Hoodie

cable knit cardigan with hood and pockets

What’s better than a regular cable knit cardigan? One with a hood on it. It has pockets, of course. I love my pockets on cardigans.

Cambria Cardigan

tie-front cable knit cardigan

This is a tie-front cardigan with cables in the body design that also repeat on the sleeves.

Autumn Morning Cardigan

This is truly a classic cable knit cardigan pattern. It buttons up the front.

Cable and Lace Cardigan Pattern

Combining the thick texture of cables with the openwork of knit lace creates a beautiful drape for your cardigan.

Cable Knit Sweater Vest

cable knit sweater vest pattern

This is a sweater vest rather than a long-sleeved cardigan. Otherwise, though, the design is similar. It has detailed cables running down the center of the back. The front is low cut with buttons, perfect for layering over long-sleeved shirts for winter.

Bus Stop Kids’ Cardigan

kids cable knit cardigan

There are cable knit cardigan patterns for all ages. This one is great for kids.

Cable Sweater Pattern

cable knit sweater free pattern

The difference between a sweater and a cardigan is simple: a cardigan is open but closes with buttons or a zipper. A sweater, on the other hand, isn’t open in the front. This is actually a knit sweater pattern. However, it looks like a cardigan because of the unique design of the cables running up the front center of the design.

Hooded Cable Knit Vest

Here’s a cross between a few different sweater/vest shapes. It’s a cable knit vest, with the cable detail in the front center. The cable actually closes the vest partway, but then the bottom part is left open, which gives this the feeling of a cardigan. Plus it has a hood!

2020 Turkey Trot Knit Cable Cardigan

turkey trot cable knit cardigan

Obviously, I love knitting cardigans. And I love adding cables to them. Last year’s 2020 knit version of the Turkey Trot Mystery Make-along was this knit cable cardigan. Pocketed, of course.Honestly, it’s more of a ruana than a true cardigan, because it doesn’t have button or zipper closures like a regular cable knit cardigan does. But, it’s close enough, and I think you’ll love adding it to your wardrobe.

Biased Cable Vest

cable knit vest pattern

Like the ruana, this isn’t exactly a cardigan. However, I absolutely had to include this vest. It’s close enough. And I’ve always love the slanted cables that I created on this knit vest.

Honeycomb Swing Jacket

cable knit swing jacket pattern

Okay, just one more that’s not-quite-but-close-enough to a cable knit cardigan. It’s a cable knit jacket. The honeycomb cables are used for dramatic detailing. This one is fun to wear layered over almost any outfit.

Bonus: Cable Knit Dog Sweater Free Pattern

cable knit dog sweater free pattern

Well, it’s not a cardigan, but it’s a decent match for a doggy-and-me outfit. We love patterns for pets. And this one is a sophisticated cutie.

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