The Perfect Bulky Knit Hat Pattern For Beginners

I love making knit and crochet hat patterns. In particular, I love making bulky hats that work up quickly and are perfect for keeping you really warm. If you need one of those hats right now, then look no further. This is truly the perfect bulky knit hat pattern for beginners and advanced crafters alike.

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perfect bulky knit hat pattern for beginners

Why This is The Perfect Bulky Knit Hat Pattern for Beginners

I designed this knit hat specifically for beginners. If this is your very first knit hat, don’t worry – you’ve got this. The pattern comes with full written instructions, It differs from my other patterns in that I’ve used a formula here that over the years I’ve found works really well for beginners. It has the detail and extra notes necessary to answer any questions that might arise as you work with it.

Moreover, I’ve created a 45+ minute video tutorial that shows you step-by-step exactly what you need to do in order to knit this hat. I’m a knitting instructor and I love to share tips that will help you craft my patterns. This video is exactly that for people seeking the perfect bulky knit hat pattern for beginners.

Advanced Crafters Will Love How Easy This Hat Pattern Is

You definitely don’t need to be a beginner knitter to enjoy this hat pattern. Anyone looking for a quick project will love this one. Worked up with #7 weight yarn, this project will be done before you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – or at least shortly thereafter. And it will feel just like magic when you start with just needles and a ball of yarn and end up with a warm, comfortable winter hat just hours later.

bulky knit hat pattern by Marly Bird

10 Reasons to Bookmark This Knit Hat Pattern:

  1. It’s a great project to make any time that you need a last minute gift or accessory.
  2. You can easily work up a whole lot of these to gift to charity or groups of people.
  3. People often wonder what to do with extra bulky yarn; this pattern answers that question.
  4. Anytime that you want a project that’s easy enough for mindful knitting, this one fits the bill.
  5. It’s a great pattern to share with others who are just learning how to knit hats.
  6. Without a lot of concentration or attention, you still end up with a beautiful ready-to-wear accessory.
  7. It gives you an excuse to make a cute Pom Pom for the top. That’s always fun.
  8. The yarn it uses is really fun to work with.
  9. It fits almost everyone. This knit hat pattern is sized for toddlers, children, and two adult sizes. Plus it’s a great unisex design.
  10. This truly is the perfect bulky knit hat pattern for beginners and advanced crafters alike. What’s not to love about it?

Get the Bulky Knit Hat Pattern for Beginners:

For this pattern you can get the FREE version right here on on my blog. Just click the image below to go to that page. On that page, you’ll also find the full video tutorial to help you along the way.

Bulky Knit Hat Free Pattern for Beginners

Alternatively, you can purchase an ad-free PDF version on Ravelry by clicking below:

Absolute Beginner Chunky Knit Hat on Ravelry

Queue it up and Like the Pattern on Ravelry

Marly’s Best Knitting Books for Beginners

If you’re a beginner knitter, then you might find a lot of useful information and fun patterns in several of my Leisure Arts knitting books. You’ll find “Make Your First” books for knit shawls and knit baby afghans. These use a progressive techniques format perfect for beginners. And you’ll also find the Complete Knit Collection for Beginners, which has 20 beginner knitter patterns.

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