Build Your Summer Wardrobe

We make sweaters and tops for the fall and winter why not make them for the summer! Let’s make a summer wardrobe of knit and crochet tops and tees. We will set goals, talk about yarn choices and more in this unofficial make-along designed to build your summer wardrobe.

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Summer Wardrobe Event

Let’s start summer off right and do it in style! I hear often that people put their knitting and crochet down over the summer because projects get too hot. I also hear that people don’t often make items to wear over the summer because they believe all you can make are sweaters. This make-along will change the way that you think about knitting and crochet over the summer.

What this make-along IS:

  • This make-along will be quite different from what I have done in the past. Katelyn will be in charge of checking in with you.
  • There will NOT be one project that we will all be working on. Feel free to pick and choose what you like the best to work on.
  • We will start on June 15th and continue into September. Katelyn will TRY to make a new pattern every two weeks, but that may change depending on what patterns are selected.
  • We will have a weekly Facebook LIVE event. Everyone will be invited to join Katelyn live to talk about their progress and chat for the week!

What this make-along IS NOT:

  • THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL MAKE ALONG. What does that mean? It means that this is not run in conjunction with any brand/company and that there won’t be any prizes along the way. This is something fun to work on through the summer and be together.
  • You will not be given the pattern in pieces. We will each pick a pattern to work on at the same time but you will be able to work as fast or as slow as you like.
  • There will not be direct help with each pattern. Feel free to ask for help in the Marly’s Minions group and we will do our best. Since we are not all working on the same pattern we might not know the exact answer.

Picking Your Yarn

When you are thinking about yarns to make summer crochet or knit tops you will want to think about what they are made of more than the weight of the yarn. I don’t think that you want to make a summer top with a bulky weight yarn but worsted can still work, depending on the stitch pattern.

In this event we will be using a wide selection of yarns that are great for wearing and crocheting with throughout the summer. Looking for yarns with cotton, linen, silk and bamboo are great options for your summertime projects.

Yarnspirations Yarn Choices:

Paton’s Yarn

Bernat Yarn

Red Heart Yarn

Sugar Bush Yarn

  • Cabot: 70% pima cotton, 30% linen
  • Bliss: 70% extra fine superwash merino, 20% mulberry silk, 10% cashmere

Picking Your Pattern

To get us started I have put together a few collections of knit and crochet patterns. Feel free to use any of these patterns, or anything else that you find on the internet. While we always LOVE when you use Yarnspirations yarn we don’t require it.

Summer Wardrobe Options

Yarn Thing Podcast

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  1. Aida Hartmann says:

    Really like your post today; thanks for all the great tips and free pattern links! Looking for the ‘stripe yoke top‘ pictured second row center, can’t found it in all the links given or on Yarnspirations. Is it Knit or crochet?

  2. Sarah R Dilworth says:

    I’m having trouble accessing the Knit Tops from Yarnspriations. Is there a different link somewhere, or should we just to Yarnspriations and look for them?

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