Book Review: Contemporary Home Knits

Contemporary Home Knits is a new book by Jody Long that is filled with 21 textured and elegant knit homewear patterns. This is a great book for anyone who wants to give their house a contemporary look by making small home knits projects.

Book Review-Contemporary Home Knits

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Contemporary Home KnitsKnits in Your Home:

We all have the opportunity to change the look of our house when we like. Although most of us can’t do a kitchen renovation or add an addition on to our house whenever we like there are little things that we can do. Changing the color of the paint on your walls or light fixtures is one of the easy changes you can make. Another way to update your home is through adding knit items. Knitting your own home decorations allows you to continue working on your craft while making little updates to your home.

Within Contemporary Home Knits you will find 21 designs to add to your home. Playing with the color of each project you can alter them to fit the style of your own home. Some of the projects in this book are more functional while others are more for looks. Either way the projects will make you smile as you see them around your own home, or the home of friends and family that you may gift them to.

Many times we only think of blankets as a way to decorate with knits in our home. This is not the case. In the book you will find patterns for a washcloth, pillows, foot rests, wreaths, rugs and more. Washcloths are a great way to update the look in your kitchen or bathroom. Changing the colors and texture will add to the room that you put your finished project in. Making pillow covers is a nice way to reuse the items that you might already have in your room and give them an update.

Let’s not forget that even swatches can be turned into beautiful home decorations such as coasters or wall art. Use your imagination when it comes to knit decorations and let the love of your craft show.

Contemporary Home Knits:

Each of the 21 patterns in this book are simple enough that you can work them up quickly but make a huge impact on the look of your home. Having a few knit items in your home help it to feel more cozy and show others what you love to do in your free time. Invite guests to spend some time in your home with these great home knit projects.

Don’t forget to play the colors that you use for each of the patterns to fit the style of your home. The projects in this book would also make great house warming gifts. Although you might not know the exact colors they will use in their home, you can’t go wrong with making something neutral. Making friends or family something for their home might spark the inspiration for color choices and more.

Think about the areas in your home where you could introduce some crochet decorations and get started today.

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Purchase your Copy of Contemporary Home Knits

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  1. Erica Jackson says:

    I actually don’t have any knit projects in my house, but I would love to get some. I have a few crocheted blankets, some from my late grandmother, and some that I’ve made. This would be a great start to making our new house (purchased last week) into a home 🙂

  2. Maria T says:

    I have a few Christmas mice that I display alongside my other ornaments. They are treasured keepsakes

  3. Lynne Baltzer says:

    I have a knit afghan and 1 pillow. I’d like ideas to add many more things and to make gifts

  4. Mary Alice Helgesen says:

    The only item actually knitted is an blanket. However, I have homemade pillows, placemats, pictures/wall hangings, and crocheted doilies displayed with some antique and decorated books. In addition, my in-laws are artists, so we have several lovely paintings made by family members.

  5. Teresa Azucena says:

    I have a crocheted basket my daughter made for me to hold yarn. I have felted many bowls but have gifted them all. I want to make a couple bowls for my house and an Afghan. I have gathered a few pillow patterns I want to make. I would love to have some knit projects in my home

  6. Dani says:

    I have home knits all over my house! Blankets and pillows I have knitted and crocheted litter this placebeautiful book.

  7. Liz G says:

    Most of my knit items are wearables or gifted. I do have a few crochet blankets around the house, but would love some inspiration on how to bring some home made coziness into my life!

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