Bonny Billow Crochet Cable Pillow

The Bonny Billow Crochet Cable Pillow pattern uses cables in a unique way for a wonderful textured design. You should have a lot of fun working with this pattern, and I’m happy to be able to share it with you today. Although it’s designed for spring, it’s really a great project to work any time of the year. GET THE PATTERN TODAY.

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What Is The Spring Home Decor Blog Hop and Crochet Pattern Bundle?

crochet pattern bundle

This post was originally my contribution to the Spring Home Decor Blog Hop hosted by E Claire Makery. During this blog hop, you could purchase all of the patterns in one bundle for less than $1 per pattern. Or you could visit the individual blog posts. I loved contributing to a project with so many different designers and designs. And I think my Conny Billow Crochet Cable Pillow fits in nicely with the other designs. That said, it also stands on its own.

Bonny Billow Crochet Cable Pillow

bonny billow pillow

I’m enjoying working with crochet cables right now. This should be no surprise if you saw that I’m part of the upcoming Classic Cable Collection CAL. In fact, the Bonny Billow Crochet Cable Pillow that I’m sharing here perfectly complements the crochet blanket pattern I’m offering as part of that CAL. Whenever I start playing with a new technique, I just want to make ALL THE THINGS with it. And that’s what’s happened with these cables.

Hidden Crochet Cable Technique

There are, of course, different ways to work crochet cables. Oftentimes, you use both front and back post stitches. However, this leaves you with gaps or holes in the work. There’s nothing wrong with that, per se. However, if you want a denser fabric without those holes, then you need a new technique.

You’ll see that in the Bonny Billow Crochet Cable Pillow pattern (as well as the blanket I’m sharing as part of the aforementioned CAL; sneak peek here), I’ve solved this problem. You’ll work only front post stitches for the cables. You’ll use regular crochet stitches for the wrong rows. As a result, you get great cable detail with no spaces. It is called hidden crochet cable technique

Crochet Cable Pillow Materials

This crochet pattern uses Billow Yarn, a bulky weight cotton yarn that’s perfect for spring home decor crochet patterns.

You’ll also use a 6.5mm/K crochet hook (or hook needed to obtain gauge) … (recommended: WeCrochet Hook or ergonomic TooShay Crochet Hook)

And you might want:

Get The Crochet Cable Pillow Pattern ⬇️

Ready to get the crochet cable pillow pattern? It’s over on Ravelry. GET IT NOW.

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