Boho Crochet Cape Free Pattern – Perfect for Late Summer and Early Fall Accessorizing

As you know if you saw yesterday’s blog post about the beautiful butterfly crochet cowl pattern, we here on the Marly Team are on a mission. That mission is to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the best patterns from Marly’s archives. Some of these are her own patterns. She has designed so many wonderful patterns over the years for so many different publications and websites. And we know that those sometimes get lost in the mix. Therefore, we’re bringing them to you on the blog so that you can find some awesome new things to make. Today we have a Boho Crochet Cape free pattern with a Marly Bird video tutorial to accompany it. It’s called the Red Heart Catskills Cape.

Let’s Talk About The Term Boho

Boho, bohemian, hippie, eclectic, whimsical … these are just a few of the words that we apply to a certain kind of style. Certain images might come to mind when you hear these words. Coachella, for example. Free spirits. The term goes in and out of fashion. People who care about trends are all about boho chic one season and then wouldn’t be caught wearing anything boho the next. But we in the craft world know that good sustainable slow fashion isn’t about trends at all. And we don’t think boho ever goes out of style. It doesn’t have to mean flower crowns and flowing skirts (although of course it can.)

Instead, it means clothing that feels loose, comfy, easy for any size or shape body to wear. It means being able to just throw it on and feel fabulous in that effortless sort of way. Perhaps it means certain colors that give off easy vibes for you. Whatever it means, take out the negative connotations and leave in the positive ones. Boho can be for anyone. It can make your wardrobe simpler and more beautiful. And we hope that this Boho Crochet Cape free pattern feels like the perfect effortless accessory to add to your late summer / early fall wardrobe.

Let’s Talk About This Boho Crochet Cape

This isn’t just an easy accessory to wear. It’s also an easy crochet pattern. You don’t have to know any advanced special stitches in order to crochet this design. The only “special stitch” is the half double crochet two together. Therefore, if you know how to decrease in hdc then you’re going to be able to complete this pattern.

You’ll make the body of the cape first. Then you’ll add thick edging that gives a dramatic effect to the cape. It changes the direction of the striping from the body of the cape to give you an intriguing visual effect. It’s very eye-catching. You’ll incorporate button holes so that you can close the cape up to stay warm. That’s why this is effortless and also great for varied weather.

Finally, you’ll add some easy fringe. We love fringe. However, if you want a less “boho” style and something a little bit more classic, you can always leave the fringe off. The great thing about crochet is that you can easily adapt it to suit what’s right for you. There are no hard and fast rules.

Red Heart Catskills Cape Materials

In order to create this boho crochet cape, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Red Heart Catskills Cape free pattern from Yarnspirations.
  • Four balls of Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn. The color does all the work to showcase your beautiful stitches and make the finished product sing. While the original pattern suggests the Winery colorway, we encourage you to use whichever suits you best. There are no right or wrong choices when it comes to making this boho crochet caoe.
  • Susan Bates Size J crochet hook. Thanks to a larger-than-average hook for worsted weight yarn, this butterfly crochet cowl pattern works up really quickly.
  • You’ll also need a yarn needle and stitch markers.
  • Plus this is a buttoned boho crochet cope. Therefore you’ll need three 1″ buttons. Plus you’ll need a sewing needle and thread for attaching the buttons.
  • And you’ll probably want the video tutorial (see below). Some of Marly’s Yarnspirations pattern videos are for other people’s designs. However, she designed this cape pattern herself so she’s truly the perfect person to teach you how to make it!

Boho Crochet Cape Video Tutorial

Are you ready to make this terrific summer / fall accessory? Here’s the video tutorial to take you along the way.

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