BiCrafty Bootcamp Is Taking a Breather … Back Soon!

BiCrafty Bootcamp: Beginner Crochet Lessons for Beginners is taking a little pause. However, we’ll be back and better than ever after the holiday season. We hope that this gives all of you a chance to breathe, practice, catch up, take a break, enjoy the holidays, and more. And we are eager to come back in 2022 and finish the course.

We Jumped Into BiCrafty Bootcamp: Crochet Edition

Earlier in 2021, we launched BiCrafty Bootcamp: Knitting Lessons for Crocheters. It was a months-long amazing opportunity to learn how to knit from the ground up with special tips for people who already know how to crochet. You can still access all of those online knitting lessons free now.

We want to help all crafters become bicrafty if they want to. Therefore, we didn’t want to leave out the knitters who want to learn how to crochet. So, in September, we started BiCrafty Bootcamp: Beginner Crochet Lessons for Knitters. Like its counterpart, it offers an in-depth way to learn crochet from the ground up with special bonus tips if you already know how to knit.

And The New Crocheters Have Learned So Much!

In the seven lessons we’ve completed of BiCrafty Bootcamp: Crochet Edition so far, our bootcampers have learned so much! Some of what we’ve covered already:

  • All of the basic crochet stitches
  • How to combine those stitches to create shells, granny stitch, single-double crochet stitch and more
  • Increasing and decreasing including chevron crochet stitch
  • How to crochet into spaces as well as stitches, which means learning stitch anatomy
  • How to read crochet patterns (abbreviations) as well as crochet symbol charts (which has been a favorite among everyone)
  • Working in the round to create crochet motifs including granny squares

And we’ve created lots of great little instant gratification projects including headbands, face cloths, shawls, and blankets. That’s right. If you’ve been following along with BiCrafty Bootcamp: Beginner Crochet Lessons for Knitters, then you can definitely already call yourself bicrafty. You know A LOT OF STUFF in crochet already!

But It’s Been a Little Bit of a Bumpy Ride

The whole Marly Bird team set out with the intention of running through about twenty lessons. We started in September and expected to work through those weekly. But frankly, life has just interrupted us a lot despite our best efforts.

We could never have anticipated some of the things that have happened – vaccine reactions, website crashing, laptop crashing, getting stranded in a different state … These are just a few things happening to interrupt our schedule.

And we know that it can be a little frustrating. You get all ready for the week’s lesson then we don’t have it ready. We feel bad because we don’t want to disappoint you. Honestly, you all have been incredibly supportive through everything going on. You’ve sent the kindest emails and messages. I think sometimes it is easy to forget that designers are real, live, flesh and blood people with families and personal lives and feelings. But many of you do not forget that; you remember it. And that means so much to the whole Marly Bird Team! You all are always a bright spotlight of encouragement and love! 

Time to Breathe, Reset, and Resume In 2022!

You have been amazing to us. And we want to give you all that you deserve from these lessons. And we know that we just can’t do that right now. We can show up, maybe, but not at the level that you deserve. Therefore, we’ve made a group decision to pause Bootcamp until January. We hope you understand the heart with which this decision was made.

Marly Bird Holiday Fun

It’s not just that actual life has been busy and hectic and sometimes, frankly, hard. It’s also that it’s the busiest time of year here at Marly Bird. There are so many fun things going on here for the holidays. We have Turkey Trot coming up quick. There’s our annual 24 Days of Quickies event. Get ready for our New Year’s fun. We hope that you will join us in all of these things as a crocheter or a knitter or both.

If You Want to Practice Crochet During The Break

Go back through all of the BiCrafty Bootcamp lessons. Re-work them to keep up your skills, get better at some of the parts that may have challenged you, and build on that muscle memory. Check the bottom of each post for suggested crochet patterns that you have the skills to do now. There are also lots of different crochet videos on the Marly Bird YouTube channel. Here are my Top 20 YouTube Crochet Videos.

We’ll See You In January!

Then, be ready, because BiCrafty Bootcamp: Beginner Crochet Lessons for Knitters resumes again in January 2022. If you haven’t already, make sure that you sign up for the newsletters. That way you’ll be sure to see an email announcement when we’re back.

And if you know anyone who wants to learn to crochet, let them know that they can still join too. Show them the lessons we’ve already done so they can catch up with us and be ready to go in January!

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