Bella Coco Crochet and Crochet Society

Bella Coco Crochet is an AMAZING crochet resource that is run by Sarah-Jayne. Not only can you get great patterns, videos and more but you can also join the Crochet Society, a subscription box, as well. You may remember Crochet Society as one of our featured unboxing episodes already. Because I fell in love with the box I wanted to bring Sarah-Jayne back on the podcast to talk about Bella Coco Crochet. Learn about her story and what you can find from Bella Coco Crochet and Crochet Society.

Bella Coco Crochet and Crochet Society on the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird

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About Sarah-Jayne

Sarah-Jayne from Bella Coco Crochet and Crochet Society

Bella Coco Crochet started in 2011. In 2013 Sarah-Jayne published her first ever YouTube tutorial all about how to crochet a granny square. Since then, she has been producing a tutorial pretty much every week to help you build your crochet skills.

Sarah-Jayne strives to make her website a one-stop-shop for everything Bella Coco. From her new Patterns, to FREE projects and latest tutorials. You will also see guest posts from some of her favorite makers in order to inspire you and your projects.

Find Bella Coco Crochet Online

Subscribe to Crochet Society

Looking for a new crochet subscription box? Check out Crochet Society and subscribe for your first box.

Want to know what you can get inside the monthly box? Check out the unboxing that I did with Katelyn about Crochet Society.

Unboxing of Crochet Society from Bella Coco Crochet

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Bella Coco Crochet Special Guest on the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird


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  1. Sharon Cooper says:

    Wonderful Podcast!! I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to watching the Bella Coco videos and checking out the website and Facebook pages. Thank you Marley Bird for having Katelyn on today ❤️

  2. Kelly says:

    Bella Coco! Technically 2 words but who’s counting. 🙂 Marly you are just as fabulous and have a delightful tone of voice as well.

  3. Kathy Jenks says:

    Marly you and Sarah-Jayne are both great teachers of crochet. Bella Coco I have watched on and off for awhile. Not gotten her box yet. Loved the podcast, Marly your laugh makes me laugh as you are so happy. Thanks again.

  4. Gail Watkins says:

    Two of my favorite crochet ladies!!! Love Marly and Sarah-Jayne. Bella Coco rocks (but not quite as much as Marly Bird)

  5. Chris Lopez says:

    A great podcast as always. I so wanted to hear how SarahJayne came up with the name Bella Coco! Maybe next time

  6. Claire Mckinstray says:

    I love Bella Coco , this is where I learnt to crochet, Sarah-Jayne is an Amazing teacher and I love love love my crochet society box every month , I’ve never been disappointed with any of them and I have been a member from the beginning, I honestly don’t know where they come up with all their ideas ! Every month is a big surprise

  7. Colleen Caro says:

    Thanks for another great show with Bella Coco. I have googled videos and seen her great content before =)

  8. Carleen Roberts says:

    It was delightful getting to know more about Sarah-Jayne of Bella Coco and Crochet Society. Are those lovely colors of yarn behind Sarah-Jayne some of her own Bella Coco Crochet yarn line?

  9. Christy Tracy says:

    Bella Coco!!! I love her designs and yours too, Marly Bird. Thank you for hosting this brilliant giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  10. Veronica Johnson says:

    Loved the interview with Bella Coco. This was my first time hearing of her, but I will definitely check out her blog and podcast.

  11. Christine Calzado says:

    Aloha Marly and Sarah!!! Love and admire you both!! Blessings to you and Good luck in everything you do, Bella Coco!!!

  12. Jennifer May says:

    Bella Coco and Marly Bird together this podcast just made my day. You both were the first you tube tutors that I found because I love both knit and crochet.

  13. Margaret Donald says:

    Bella Coco — great podcast, Marly, as always! Am subscribed to Bella Coco and really enjoy the channel. Thank you both.

  14. Amy Tudor says:

    Enjoyed the podcast with Bella Coco. Actually this is the first time I have heard of her.. I will check out her site! And Marly I love your professionalism!

  15. Cara Crundwell says:

    Bella Coco was my first crochet tutor. Can’t believe she had only started herself a few years before me 🙂

  16. Kerry Randall says:

    I enjoyed the chat with Sarah Jayne, Bella Coco tutorials were some of the first Youtube videos I used to refresh my crochet skills. Thanks for a great show.

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