Beginner Crochet Socks

Knitters are not the only ones who can make socks, crocheters can too, and I can show you how. After the overwhelming success of the My First Knit Socks videos, Yarnspirations asked me to teach a My First Crochet Socks video. So, following along with the family crochet socks pattern, a free beginner crochet sock pattern, I will teach you everything you need to know to complete a pair of socks for the whole family.

beginner crochet sock video tutorial

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My First Crochet Sock

Crochet socks, like knit socks, can seem like a super advanced technique. Really, they are very attainable to make, even for beginners. You need to know and think about a few things before getting started. If you’ve ever made a crochet stocking before, you’re already so far ahead of the game. If not, don’t worry. I’m here to show you how to make your first pair of crochet socks.

Patons Family Crochet Socks, Kids - Size 2-4 in color

Crochet vs. Knit Socks

Overall, the construction of a knit and crochet sock are the same. We are just using different tools to make our socks. It’s important to know that crochet socks don’t stretch like knit socks.

If you work both crafts, you’ll know that crochet tends to be more rigid than knitting, which will be the same for your socks. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make crochet socks or that they won’t be comfortable; it just means you should consider that when picking your size.

Want to learn how to knit socks? Learn with me in the My First Knit Socks class.

My First Knit Socks

Which Fiber?

The fiber content of your yarn can make a big difference in your socks and how stretchy they are. Socks can be made with any weight of yarn. The thicker your yarn, the thicker and more slipper-like your socks will be. What you want to really think about is the fiber content.

For most socks, a wool-nylon blend is the first choice. This blend is excellent because the wool and nylon will give you some stretch to the fabric you create and keep your feet warm and dry with the wool.

Socks that are 100 percent wool are cozy for wearing around the house but don’t hold up as well over time vs. wool blend yarn. Acrylic would be great for the longevity of the yarn, but it isn’t always the softest against your feet.

Try out what you like the best and stick with that for your sock-making adventures.

My First crochet sock video tutorial

Toe-up vs. Cuff Down Crochet Socks

Like knitters, crocheters can make a sock starting at the toe and working up or at the cuff and working down. Each technique has its pros and cons.

The advantage of working cuff-down is the crochet ribbing has more stretch. Once you complete your ribbing, you will work along the side to start your leg portion, and it will be a nice fit.

You will see that working toe up or cuff down isn’t as vital as the heel that you use for your socks.

Because crochet socks and stitches don’t stretch as much as knitting, you will want to use a heel with some room so that you won’t have any trouble getting it on your foot when you are done. An afterthought heel is often the least roomy. Patterns that include a traditional heel flap or heel turn will give you more room in your crochet socks.

Anatomy of a Sock

FREE Crochet Sock pattern | First crochet socks | beginner crochet socks | sock anatomy

Understanding the anatomy of the sock will help you along the way to know where you are in the pattern.

  • Cuff
  • Leg
  • Heel Flap
  • Heel Turn
  • Instep
  • Foot
  • Toe

Download the FREE Crochet Socks Pattern

Want to join along with me as I make this beginner-friendly pair of crochet socks? Download the FREE pattern from Yarnspirations and follow along with me.

CLICK HERE to get the free beginner crochet sock pattern.

Download the FREE Family Crochet Socks pattern from Yarnspirations

Video Tutorial

Ready to start your first pair of crochet socks? Watch the video below to learn how to make this great pattern and make your beginner crochet socks with me.

What I’m Wearing

Boysenberry Bramble Single Crochet Entrelac Cowl by Marly Bird

If you fell in love with the shawl that I am wearing in the video you can make your own! The pattern that I am wearing is my FREE Boysenberry Bramble Single Crochet Entrelac Cowl.

The Free Crochet Pattern boysenberry bramble single crochet entrelac cowl uses simple single crochet and entrelac techniques to create this unique cowl that will become a favorite accessory in your closet—using one of the most favorite yarns, Unforgettable™ by Red Heart Yarns to create this amazing cowl. This is the perfect layering piece.


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