Beginner Crochet Poncho

Check out this NEW video tutorial on my YouTube channel for the FREE Red Heart Perfect Poncho crochet pattern. The Perfect Poncho is a great beginner poncho pattern designed by Lisa Gentry. Come learn with me how to work up this poncho by making two identical panels.

FREE Crochet Poncho Pattern with Video Tutorial-Perfect Poncho title next to woman in finished poncho

Beginner Crochet Poncho-The Perfect Poncho:

The Perfect Poncho is one of the easiest patterns that I have worked. Although the stitch pattern is an easy repeat the finished results are stunning. Most of the beauty of this pattern comes from the wonderful yarn selected. Red Heart Colorscape is a long length color change giving beautiful patterns.

Because of the way that this pattern is written you can adjust it to your size, if it isn’t quite right for you. With a stitch multiple of 3 + 2 you can work it smaller or larger than what you will find in the FREE pattern. If you find that your poncho is too short or too long you can also adjust that. Just remember that you will need to work the repeat through row 6 to be able to work the finishing rows.

As you start the video you will notice that I am only working on a small swatch. The reason for this is that the stich pattern is the same for the whole row. Rather than make you watch me work the entire pattern I am just showing you the basics and you can use that to complete each of your rows of the beginner poncho pattern.

Review of Red Heart Colorscape yarn

Beginner Crochet Poncho Materials:

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Video Tutorial:

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  1. Alexis Verbivc says:

    Hello! Love the Perfect Crochet Poncho (Beginner Crochet Poncho) and I have completed one panel. Before starting the second panel, I looked ahead at the edging directions and I am lost. I decided on this poncho because it stated it was a “beginner” poncho. I am just starting out crocheting – I have made several baby blankets and I am mastering the crocheting stitches etc., but, I am lost at the edging. We do this before seaming? And how exactly? I am just not good at the directions. I love all of the things that I have seen you do so far, but I thought I would give you a “beginners” perspective. When I saw this pattern, and it stated for “beginners”, I jumped right on it. But, not to finish the video with the visual to the edging piece, might have not been a good idea. I will take a stab at it, but I certainly do not want to mess up the work I have already done. Not sure if other “beginners” have expericed this same concern, but I thought I would give you my comment. Marly, this comment was meant to be only constructive and informational. It was not meant to be ugly or negative. I think you are WONDERFUL with instructional videos, and do a superb job at demonstrating and explaining. Thank you for all that you do. Happy New Year!!!!!!

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