Beginner Crochet Poncho Pattern with Video Tutorial

Some of my most popular crochet videos are ones where I’ve shown you step-by-step how to work a pattern. In this beginner crochet poncho pattern video, I break everything do to the smallest details. It’s part of the “My First” series, meaning that this is a good pattern for your first crochet poncho ever. If you’re looking for a quick and easy make that still packs a lot of style punch, then look no further.

The Beginner Crochet Poncho Pattern Video

Here’s the full video for this beginner crochet poncho pattern. You can watch it here or click over to YouTube. If you enjoy it, smash that like button so others know it’s a good tutorial. I’ve tried to preemptively answer any questions that might come up for a beginner crocheter working on this pattern.

Unique Cowl Neck Crochet Poncho

This crochet poncho pattern has a unique cowl neck design. The cowl neck is a thick cozy texture. You don’t have to do anything special here, and yet the design drapes perfectly down the neckline. This gives the pattern a sophisticated sense of style.

Openwork Crochet Poncho Design

The body of the poncho uses openwork crochet stitches. It’s an easy repeating stitch pattern that you should find simple to recreate. It uses beginner crochet shell stitches. If you know how to double crochet, you can work this pattern. The openwork design has a pretty lace effect. It works well as a complement to that thicker cowl portion of the design. Additionally, the openwork nature of this design allows you to see the clothing you’re wearing underneath the poncho. If you’re going for style, that’s a bonus!

Finished Off With Picots

The picot stitch is a really popular beginner crochet stitch. Of course, you’ll learn the basic stitches first. However, then you learn to combine them into different stitches, such as the shell stitch described above or the picot stitch that’s perfect for edging. You can use picot stitch as a border for everything from washcloths to blankets. In this case, it creates a finished hem for your poncho. There are different ways to create a picot stitch; you’ll learn through this tutorial that this is one of the easiest ways.

Rows and Rounds

One of the nice things about this pattern design is that it allows you to practice working in both rows and rounds. That’s good practice for beginners. The cowl neck is worked in rounds. Then you fold the piece and seam it together to make it a round shape. The poncho body is worked in rounds from top to bottom. Both parts are easy to create but they allow you to utilize different skill sets.

Yarn for Beginner Crochet Poncho Pattern

This pattern originally called for Red Heart Medley, which has since been discontinued. This is a super bulky yarn, an acrylic fiber that you can machine wash and tumble dry. Some suitable substitutes include:

Beginner Crochet Poncho Pattern

Obviously, the video tutorial helps guide you through working on this poncho but you still need the crochet pattern to work off of as well. The beginner crochet poncho pattern is free on Yarnspirations. You can get it here:

Chic Cowl Neck Poncho Free Pattern

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